Why I already hate my new neighbors – live sample

This was the live audio of what it sounds like in my office all damn day long…
From yesterday’s email titled “I already hate my new neighbors” found here
I already hate my new neighbors
Hasn’t even been a full week yet.
Driving me bananas!
Ok, I don’t “technically” hate her… by the very definition… because I don’t know her.
The thing is….
The wall between my new office and her room is clearly made of prosciutto thin paper masche.
So not only is she loud, but even when she is “quiet”… I can hear everything.
Crystal clear
Awkward boyfriend moments
Yelling at the kids
Her amazing taste in music 😐
Even the blowing of her nose and the lack of water running after she goes to the bathroom!
Not awesome!
My current options are that I am now pricing soundproofing my office in order to keep the peace by not kicking through this attempt at a wall and going all tazmanian devil in there!
Tomorrow on the podcast, (http://soundcloud.com/coachcomeback) I will make a recording if me sitting in my office while the craziness goes on so you can see I am not making this up. Stay tuned for live audio of that later tomorrow.
As for now, no complaining unless you are actively looking for a solution.
Not time to sit and sulk.
So, first thing I got was some brand new audio technica noise-cancelling powered headphones! (see here http://coachlikes.com/headphones )
They are freaking BRILLIANT! They work pretty good just wearing them. But when you turn on the power… you literally cannot hear ANYTHING!
1st problem solved.
2nd problem: When I am on calls (which is all the time), it is great for me because I cannot hear anything with the headset, but unfortunately my amazing mic pics up EVERYTHING!
Hence, the need for soundproofing.
The location is awesome so moving to a different office will be last resort.
as for now, this will have to do.
Good thing I recorded this training with Cash Cow ugly sites (http://coachlikes.com/uglysites ) Master wDigital before I got here.
In this we showed you how to get recurring payments, month in and month out, from a simple 1-page website, WITHOUT affiliate marketing, SEO, or any paid method at all.
Love this strategy.
Here is the direct link if you missed us while we were live.
Feel free to still submit any questions… or just add me on skype.
In the meantime…. I will have my fingers in my ears and singing my favorite tune…. “la-la-la-la I’m not listening la-la-la”

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