Why You Feel Guilty After You Eat – And How To Fix It


feeling guilty after eating“It happens when I’ve been very good and diligent, and I eat something I know I shouldn’t be, “ says Kristy A., a 30-year-old New Yorker. “Afterwards, I’m really upset with myself, and I feel like I’ve ruined everything.”


Sound familiar?

You go out someplace nice, have a delicious meal and then……

Out comes that dreaded dessert platter!!! Dun-dun-dunnnnnn (insert scary music drum-beat)

They have your favorite on the menu.  You tell yourself you shouldn’t eat it.

You the spend the next 7.4 minutes trying to convince yourself how much harder you are going to workout next week so it will be ok.

When that doesn’t work, you start estimating calories and come to the conclusion that if you 9 oz’s less coffee and only a half a sandwich at lunch you will have made up the difference in the extra calories!


We have a winning plan!

You order the towering chocolate lava cake and you absolutely DEVOUR it!

Your husband reaches his spoon for a sample of your heavenly treat and nearly loses a finger!

“HOW DARE HE!” you mumble to yourself because yelling it would have precious moments of your ecstasy.

You scoop up the last spoonful as you lick the chocolate drippings of your fingertips and before you have even swallowed the last bite…. the guilt starts to set it!


Aren’t you tired of this pattern?

Why can’t I enjoy a simple treat every now and then without mentally punishing myself for the next 7 days after?

Well Lisa Elaine Held over at Well and Good NYC has found 3 amazing tips for removing the guilt after you eat that she picked up from  Jeanette Bronee.

3 Steps to removing guilt after you eat

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. First, she says, “We have to work on some of those aspects that make us so hard on ourselves.” This means accepting that we make mistakes and are not always in control of everything. And giving ourselves credit for our accomplishments—and efforts.” She’s not just talking about food; she’s talking about life.

2. Give your body what it needs. Bronee says it’s important to develop an understanding of the foods that truly nourish you. If you listen to what your body needs, and allow yourself foods that don’t always fit into what you’re told is “right,” you’ll likely stop craving the foods that induce guilt.

3. Don’t hide your Haagen Dazs! “We tend to eat treats in shame, under cover, and we don’t embrace them,” Bronee says. “Allowing yourself room to enjoy them will help avoid guilt after. If you truly feel that you deserve it, you won’t have guilt.”

….read the full article


Try a few of these out and let me know if next time you are able to share a dessert without it leading to you pinning your hair up and taking off your earrings and putting boxing gloves on!


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