001: Too Drunk To Hit Rock Bottom with Joe Guz

The podcast is BACK on track!   And what better way to kick it off than with Auther, writer and adventured Joe Guz.
Joe Guz is the author of the book… well, more like autobiography/memoir  “#Too Drunk To Hit Rock Bottom”.
Guz gets really personal with some embarrassing tales and admissions from childhood all the way through to dang near present day.
In this he covers such things like

  • Why  you should never take your wife to South Korea
  • How to get more “bang” for your buck at a Juicy bar
  • Why Canadians have more fun
  • The month-into-years long struggle with writing this piece
  • How to make a love distance relationship work when in the US Armed Forces (#respect)
  • The wrong way to defend your girl’s honor with a hockey stick

And much more!

Please enjoy our FIRST guest on this momentous return of the Coach Comeback Show.
And do yourself a favor and grab the book. Thank me later.
Click here not to get the book free via KU – Joe Guz: #Too Drunk To Hit Rock Bottom

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