EP 21 – PODCAST – How To Create A $997 Product In 20 Mins For Free

And without creating any of the content yourself.
On Today’s podcast are brought on an expert who knows how to “Show me the money”…
(That will make sense in a minute).
I had fun on this call and I think you will learn a lot as well.
I plan on doing these more often, so make sure you are subscribed to the podcast.
On this one. You will learn a way to create high dollar products and why they should be the simplest to create ever. If you have been struggling with making your own products you are definitely going to want to listen to this show.
$997 Product
Everyone thinks it’s hard.
Everyone thinks it takes months to get something like this created.
He shows you how to do it in 20 minutes FLAT!

P. James “Show me the money” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. this is also the reason why we had to discuss bowel movements on the call!
Now THAT information is here http://coachlikes.com/toilettepaper  (eeeeeeew)

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