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Hello and to do some session I’m showing us are simple, quick 10 seconds trick you can implement to immediately give yourself a raise in double or even triple your income online name is James Holland greater coach and the stuff really works.mind, warriorforum Junior case study programs will things out be create long-lasting success from anywhere in the world something is something I’ve been teaching and telling my clients will remember very long time in the most of always resisted because they think it doesn’t work, but trust me just arrived is how he will be amazed at how simple it is so three second concentric to give yourself an instant rating simple enough to start charging more to obviously this is a work if you have a job were someone else’s dictating what you do if you are get the for work week or something and get out of the job no one will ever be able to pay you a salary of what you are truly actually worse because they were paying we Rexnord what they would make and human rights of makes sense that they have to come you less than what you’re actually worse because that’s what have they make the money to paying you to do something that brings them way more money there paying use of the theory behind it no one will ever peculiar worth sell some way to work for yourself if you have a service of business clients consulting an online business marketing whatever it is that you do this works I guarantee you are not charging enough. So one example of how I just why this is to all of my business are my you have books in Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble and all that other stuff and this year he always is charge last so you get more sales and get more people lends of people always telling me you note put $.99 for your books on Kindle, because you’ll get more sales and missing it was Amazon when you sell your books regnant sense you only get 35% royalties we make about $.30, so some or you may get a few more cells. But when you put it in 9999 you make them dollars and nine cents at sale could you get onto the 70% royalty so thinking about that you have to sell almost 7 times as many books and $.99 to make as much as a one cell at nine. So I’m actual proof of this beginning of this month. I just went and changed all of my books to to 99 were more raised the price I am I think I don’t have anymore 99 set books at all and we’re only halfway through the month and I am already about 30% I’ve made more this month in any of the previous months of of my books is without doing any other promotion I didn’t change anything else quality was waves the price. So, in the area you must charge alone or domains money you would be thinking go many reasonable price it can a lose my because no less people are buying in a and sacked actually made more money by raising my prices so of the tip that you should trying to matter what it is you’re doing marketing products creator consulting I guarantee you try raising your prices and you will make more of the another quick example of client of mine who wanted to make my thousand dollars by the end of the week and is a popular starting price in their and have marketing world and that is the seven dollars front and product now know who started it back in the day, but everyone’s taught the front and product must be seven dollars he says. I told him charge high ticket consulting or high high-priced he says it will be way easier to sell them easier to sell a product of seven dollars with thinking about is: of hitting $5000 and seven dollars amicus to sell something like 707 tell her products.

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