[Workshop] Just a quick reminder…

Hey there
Yesterday I mentioned that I was sneaking you into Wayne and I’s bonus free training to the buyers of 1-page madness and how Wayne only reserved 50 spots for the workshop.
Just wanted to remind you to act now to avoid disappointment.
We start in less than 2 hours!
I am not hosting this class so I can’t be held accountable if there is no solid recording after.
Here’s that link again: http://wayne8.enterthemeeting.com/m/KFC2CBBG
Come join us at 6pm est while there’s still room – I think you’ll like it!
P. James “growing redbull wings” Holland
Coach Comeback
P.S. I urge you to register now here, because I LOVE chatting with you and doing Q & A at the end.  Start writing down your questions now.

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