$2k in 3 hours or less

1 dollar make it rain
Dear Friend,
You think I’m kidding don’t you?
I’m not. In fact, I’m so confident, I’m going to extend to you an unusual guarantee and here it is.
If I can’t show you how to Get $2000 Paid To You Before You ever lift a finger in less than 3 hours then I will give you any one of my PREMIUM classes free and let you keep a certain “special bonus” for your time.
You can only make this kind of guarantee when you’re absolutely certain your product does everything it claims to do. And actually, what you read in the headline is the tip of the iceberg. Once you get access to my insider secrets, you’ll also be able…

  • Generate Leads For Any Business You Choose – yes even your own
  • Find a hungry desperate market that is begging for your help
  • Find unlimited prospects – This means you will NEVER run out of leads to contact
  • Access to 1.2 Million Leads just in ONE specific niche

Oh & That’s Not All!
Remember earlier when I mentioned my special bonus? Actually, I wasn’t being accurate. I don’t just have one, but {{whatever}}. Here they are:
Don’t Take My Word For it – Have It For FREE
You can get the full audio version of this training absolutely free
That’s right. You can listen in to the entire training for absolutely nothing! How’s that for risk free?
Who else would do that? No one! No one stands by their training like I do. That is why I am willing to give it away. I am so confident that you will love it that you will save this link and come back and purchase the video version just to say thank you for the killer content… not because you need it 🙂
Just message me for the link and it is yours.


Until the timer reaches zero, You can have FULL access to the upgraded VIDEO Training For Any Price you Choose!
That’s right, hit the big blue button that says “Yes James, I’m In” and on the next page, enter any price you like to be immediately upgraded! You just can’t beat an offer like this.

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My Special “Introductory Offer”

Look, I have big plans for the materials contained in this training. Eventually, I am going to start doing private workshops using these materials and only offering to personal high paying one-on-one clients While I’m finalizing those things, you can get in at the introductory offer by enrolling now for video or free for the “nothing-left-out Audio”.
Look, if you completely fail at this and it takes you a week…
And lets say you are not confident to command a high amount like $2,000 (although you should. You will have everything inside to make sure you do)….
and all you can get is one measly client a week at only $500 a month.
That would still put an extra $2000 a month in your pocket…
No Brainer…..
One thing I know for sure, with inflation and demand going up, this is the lowest price at which this offer will ever be made.
So Get Really Simple Client Flipping Now!
Yes, I Am In!
What have you got to lose? Nothing but empty pockets and no passive income that’s what! And with my risk-free guarantee, it’s a real no brainer. So order now while it’s hot on your mind
P. James Holland
Coach Comeback
P.S. There is also something somewhat “controversial” in one of the bonuses that I didn’t mention on this page. I think it will both shock and delight you. I’m thinking about removing it, but if you don’t want to miss out on it (it does contain a lot of value), then say yes today!

Offer Expires In:

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