Understanding the Law of Attraction

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This touched me in a way I can hardly explain.  You mother’s out there will be able to see what I see.
Watch this video a see the moment infant baby recognizes his mother’s voice

 Deaf Baby Hears For The First Time With Cochlear Implant


The bond between a mother and child happens waaay before “us” on the outside can even imagine to be aware of it!

Week 23 – The bond between mother and her unborn
Week 23 – The bond between mother and her unborn blog post by MOMMY_TTC3.

Im starting to feel Kason all hours of the day….Some woman complain of the kicking, I guess after going through losses & 2 years of ttc this little one I am happy to say I LOVE EVERY minute of his kicking…It reassures me that everything is okay in there… I can see the outline of his head and butt at times… So amazing, I remember these times with my dd & my ds… Truly a blessing…. Patiently waiting for the day this little boy makes his first appearance. This is the first pregnancy where I am not rushing it to go by, I am enjoying to the fullest bc I feel like this is the only time I will ever have that he is all mine to myself. The bond between a mother and her unborn child is truly a miracle.. I feel blessed more and more everyday!

I have to say I believe that women are the most blessed beings on the planet to be able to have this experience.
We are all envious!
http://www.babycentre.co.uk/advertorials/anusol/Any guys that says otherwise is either lying . . . or dead inside from to much World of Warcraft video gaming.
Couldn’t you tell in the video that even though it was his first time hearing his mommy.. he knew…
He knew immediately who it was.  You could see the recognition in his eyes.
He was not startled.
He was not confused as to this new sound.
It almost looked as if he was hearing and old friend after months of being away.
How powerful is that!
How many of you have a bond like this with your children/mother’s?
Share your stories in the comments below.
If this story has touched you in a positive way, please share so someone else can feel what you feel. If it had a negative impact, tell me why in the comments
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A Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving
Six-year-old Tshego received a cochlear implant almost a month ago, and is now slowly beginning to process and understand the words and sounds he hears. Kakulubela remembers the day Tshego’s implant was turned on, the stunned look in his eyes as he …

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Join us while were dive into our Wayne Dyer’s newest book “Wishes Fulfilled” review and study guide.
We will give you all the things we did like. All the things we didn’t like.
How to apply his book to your life and start having your wishes fulfilled.
We will be doing a chapter by chapter summary with a review and steps on how to apply what we have learned to our lives.
Overall this book was different than what we are used to from Wayne Dyer and I think everyone will truly enjoy it.
Read more at about Wayne Dyer’s Latest book Wishes Fulfilled at Hay House here http://coachcomeback.com/book-reviews/go/wishesfulfilled
wayne dyer wishes fulfilled review

The marketing of America’s newest gymnastics sweetheart has begun.

Gabby Douglas, Olympic gymnastics all-around champion, will be featured on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

Things are moving fast for the 16-year-old who, fittingly, trains in Des Moines, Iowa, the heart of corn country. Also Friday, she appeared on NBC’s Today show, first by herself and then along with the three other American women to win the coveted all-around title: Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin.

They are not wasting any time!
It is very exciting what this young lady has accomplished but I think she has no idea what she has not gotten herself into.
She will forever be under the spotlight.
Constantly being chased by cameras.
It is only a matter of time before the scum out there start to dig into her personal life to uncover some “dirt” that the general public MUST know.
It is kind of bitter-sweet.  I am so proud of her and I feel sorry for her at the same time.
Only in America!

Dominique Dawes Cries Through Interview On Gabby Douglas’ Win (VIDEO)
When asked what touched her heart the most, Dawes responded that it was the generation of young kids looking up to Douglas in the same way they did with her. “That’s what’s so touching,” she said “As I was able to help Gabby, now she’s going to help a …

Gabby Douglas shatters glass ceiling with historic win
US gymnast Gabrielle Douglas performs on the beam during the artistic gymnastics women’s individual all-around final at the 02 North Greenwich Arena in London on August 2, 2012 during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Douglas won the event.

Gabby Douglas’ Mother Natalie Hawkins: “All the Hard Work Has …
The proud mom to the gold medal-winning Olympian opens up to Us about her daughter’s road to London.


World renowned self-help mogul Tony Robbins firewalk challenge is responsible for injuring 21 people during his Unleash The Power Within Event this week.
Walking across hot coals on lanes measuring 10 feet long and heated to between 1,200 to 2,000 degrees provides attendees an opportunity to “understand that there is absolutely nothing you can’t overcome,” according to the motivational speaker’s website.

Robbins Research International said in a written statement that 6,000 attendees of the event walked across the coals Thursday.
Organizers had an “open burn permit” and medical staff at the event, and there was also a fire inspector on the scene, Williams said.
“Once they (the medical staff) became overwhelmed, our inspector called for us,” Williams said.
Witness Jonathan Correll told the San Jose Mercury News that he “heard wails of pain, screams of agony.”
Tony Robbins Firewalk

Tony Robbins’ fire walk experiences goes wrong; 21 burned on hot coals
SAN JOSE, CALIF. — He’s known as one of the top motivational speakers in the the world. But Tony Robbins’ fire walk experience didn’t go so well for some this week, resulting in almost two dozens injuries. They trusted Robbins to walk over hot coals …

“I heard wails of pain, screams of agony,” witness Jonathan Correll told the Mercury News. “It was people seriously hurting, like they were being tortured. … First one person, then a couple minutes later another one, and there was just a line of people walking on that fire. It was just bizarre, man.”

Tony Robbins’ firewalk with me: 21 hurt on hot coals
Tony Robbins suggested they “unleash the power within,” but for 21 people who burned their feet walking over hot coals, it was more about cooling their heels in a fountain. Police treated the nearly two dozen people for burns to their feet on Thursday …

On his website, Robbins suggests the “Firewalk Experience” is step 1 of his “four steps to transformation.”
“Once you start doing the impossible (or at least what you thought was impossible), you can conquer the other fires of your life with ease,” the website says.
There are those who succeeded in San Jose, the Mercury News reported.
Yet, others crossed the coals unscathed at first, but then dipped their feet in a nearby fountain after blisters started to appear.
Some people went to their hotel rooms and called 9-1-1.
“It seemed abnormal that so many got hurt,” one witness told

I just hope that this does not turn people away from giving this a try.  I have never personally tried this but I can imagine how powerful you must feel after you have accomplished something like this.

Keep in mind that there were over 6000 people there.  21 out of 6000 aint to bad.  Especially considering he has been doing this for over 30 years.

Has any of you ever tried the firewalk experience with Anthony Robbins?

Would you ever try it?

Do you think this will hurt Tony’s reputation at all or will he bounce right back after something like this?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Stephen R. Covey dies at the age of 79.  He was one of my favorite authors.
The One about Stephen R. Covey
I am sure you have heard of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.  A book everyone should have on their shelve’s.
I was extremely shocked to hear that Stephen Covey would not make a full recovery from his bicycle accident.

The cause was complications from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident, said Debra Lund, a spokeswoman for the Utah-based FranklinCovey leadership training and consulting company he co-founded.
In April, Covey lost control of his bike while riding down a hill in Provo, Utah. He was hospitalized for two months with a head injury, cracked ribs and a partly collapsed lung but “never fully recovered,” Lund said Monday.
 stephen r covey death by bicycle accident

He will truly be missed!

Stephen Covey, ‘7 Habits’ author, dies at 79
Stephen Covey, author of the massive self-help bestseller, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ died Monday in Idaho. Stephen Covey’s landmark book sold in excess of 20 million copies in 40 languages and spawned a multimillion-dollar business …


Most people are aware of the term “Hater”.  But if you are not here are a few definitions from  the URBAN DICTIONARY   pissed off hater pic

1.A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.
Susan: You know, Kevin from accounting is doing very well. He just bought a house in a very nice part of town.Jane (hater): If he is doing so well why does he drive that ’89
2.  A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for. A being who speaks badly,and/or takes negative actions in attempt to create problems for a successful person.
3.A label applied to people who are more negative than positive when discussing another person. It most commonly refers to individuals whose negativity is so extreme that it is all-consuming. However, there are various levels and forms of being a hater, ranging from completely dismissing any positive traits or actions, to merely painting a less than flattering picture by using words with negative connotations. Hating is often attributed to jealousy, but just as often, it seems to stem from some other source.
Person A: Ben Gordon is one of the best clutch scorers in the league! Person B: Gordon is an impressive scorer, but he’s still a role player.
Still not clear?  Maybe Katt Williams can explain it to you.

WARNING: Contains Explicit Language – Totally necessary though

Katt Williams on Haters – Who are they and how do we piss them off?


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Summary:  Basically someone who is angered by your success.
How can this apply to you?
The strategy I am about to teach you should be used if you are:
  • Angry and looking to get revenge on anyone
  • In the mood to piss someone off
  • Looking to prove nay-sayers wrong
  • About to go to some sort of reunion
  • Currently unemployed from being fired
  • Having your home foreclosed
  • and so much more

The best way to achieve any of these things or something similar is simply become successful. Traditional “methods” of getting back at someone may feel good at first but once it is all over, you realize you actually do not feel any better about the whole situation. The main goal is just to feel better, right? Well if you are a success not only will you get the self gratification of anything from the above list but you will also have improved your life and hopefully made a lasting change. Here is the short version of the well thought out list from A Daring Adventure

10 Things Successful People Do That Make Them Successful

1. They Don’t Fear Fear

2. They Reframe

3. They Align With Their Core Values

4. They Ask Good Questions And Listen Well

5. They Delegate Well & Focus On What They Are Best At

6. They Are Tenacious

7. They Put Off Immediate Gratification

8. They Don’t Worry About Work/Life Balance

9. The Are Cool With Failing

how to piss people off image

10. They Put Themselves First

When you are ready to really take positive action to improve yourself in order to piss everybody I would suggest you read Tim Brownson entire list with in depth explanations here… and just stand back and look at the expressions on you new found “Hater” fan club

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The Truth Behind “The Secret” and the Law Of Attraction

Have you been trying to “manifest” since The Secret came out and yet you still drive the same crappy car, live in the same crappy neighborhood, same crappy husband at the same crappy job?
Becoming frustrated and starting to believe that it is all just a hoax?  You are not alone!
This short video exposes the lies The Secret wants you to believe.  What you have been taught could actually be the thing that is keeping you from the dreams you desire.