This touched me in a way I can hardly explain.  You mother’s out there will be able to see what I see.
Watch this video a see the moment infant baby recognizes his mother’s voice

 Deaf Baby Hears For The First Time With Cochlear Implant


The bond between a mother and child happens waaay before “us” on the outside can even imagine to be aware of it!

Week 23 – The bond between mother and her unborn
Week 23 – The bond between mother and her unborn blog post by MOMMY_TTC3.

Im starting to feel Kason all hours of the day….Some woman complain of the kicking, I guess after going through losses & 2 years of ttc this little one I am happy to say I LOVE EVERY minute of his kicking…It reassures me that everything is okay in there… I can see the outline of his head and butt at times… So amazing, I remember these times with my dd & my ds… Truly a blessing…. Patiently waiting for the day this little boy makes his first appearance. This is the first pregnancy where I am not rushing it to go by, I am enjoying to the fullest bc I feel like this is the only time I will ever have that he is all mine to myself. The bond between a mother and her unborn child is truly a miracle.. I feel blessed more and more everyday!

I have to say I believe that women are the most blessed beings on the planet to be able to have this experience.
We are all envious! guys that says otherwise is either lying . . . or dead inside from to much World of Warcraft video gaming.
Couldn’t you tell in the video that even though it was his first time hearing his mommy.. he knew…
He knew immediately who it was.  You could see the recognition in his eyes.
He was not startled.
He was not confused as to this new sound.
It almost looked as if he was hearing and old friend after months of being away.
How powerful is that!
How many of you have a bond like this with your children/mother’s?
Share your stories in the comments below.
If this story has touched you in a positive way, please share so someone else can feel what you feel. If it had a negative impact, tell me why in the comments
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A Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving
Six-year-old Tshego received a cochlear implant almost a month ago, and is now slowly beginning to process and understand the words and sounds he hears. Kakulubela remembers the day Tshego’s implant was turned on, the stunned look in his eyes as he …

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Just say yes to your childredAs parents the word “No” fills our daily conversations with our children. “No” You can’t stay up late. “No” You can’t have cookies as a snack. Sometimes we say “No” because it’s just our natural reaction or for selfish reasons. Saying “Yes”to your child as often as possible relieves tension, makes them feel more confident, and encourages communication as they grow.

Why should say YES?

Being a parent can be stressful especially if you have more than one child coming at you with request. Learning creative ways to say “Yes” to your child will decrease chances of melt downs or arguments.

When is the right time to say YES?

If your little one asks to go for a walk right before naptime, instead of telling him/her “No” it is your naptime kindly tell them “Yes” we can go for a walk after you wake up from your nap.
When your older child begs you to have a friend over don’t instantly say “No” response with “Yes you may on Wednesday”. Giving an alternative “Yes” answer from a straight “No” will release the tension caused by sometimes badly timed request.

Understanding the power of YES

Knowing they are being heard and their feelings are being considered will make a child more confident. Imagine if you went to work and every project you submitted to your boss he/she said “No” to without even considering it. Eventually your confidence level would drop.
The same is true with children.
The more we tell our children “No” without even considering their request the less likely they are to come to their parent with a request. Consistently turning down a child may bring on bad behaviors such as lying, being sneaky or becoming disrespectful.

Raising confident children is by finding a balance between creative Yes’s VS straight No’s.

If all you do as a parent is tell your child No No No, they are less likely to come to you with request or problems. Closing the door to communication with your child is an easy one with “No not right now” being all they hear.
Opening the door back up is a long hard battle of earning trust back. Feeling loved and understood comes from open lines of communication even when it disturbs your wants as a parent.
If you have had a long day at work and your children ask you to play a game of catch consider saying “Yes I would love to just let me change my clothes and sit for 10 minutes can you set a timer for me?”
Finding ways to replace our most common response of “No” to a “Yes” will help ensure we raise happy, confident children who feel open to sharing even the toughest of choices with their parents.

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Nicole blogs at Seamlessly Savvy. There she shares her love of couponing, staying organized, freezer cooking and trials of raising five rambunctious boys. Her passion to give her boys a less chaotic childhood than her own is what inspires her to be Seamlessly Savvy.

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How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

It can sometimes seem like a lifelong journey to learn how to find happiness within yourself. . . But that is not actually the case. . . . if you know where to look….KEEP READING

 Did you know that your problems actually hold the key to what will truly make you happy?

 How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

So all those desires originated from something that didn’t feel so fab.  And desire is what fuels our expansion.

Which means it’s actually a good thing when we run across something we don’t like.  It means life is about to get even better!

That is, as long as we don’t stay stuck (i.e. focused) on the crappy problems.  Since we get what we focus on, if I’m all panties-in-a-twist about what’s gone wrong, then guaranteed I’m creating more things going wrong.
But when I can appreciate the role this “contrast” has played, knowing that it’s leading to even better things (as long as I don’t overly dwell on the ‘problem’), then life can’t helpbut get better.
So that’s actually two reasons to make friends with what doesn’t seem very nice in life(losing a job, getting dumped, going broke, getting sick, etc.):

  1. The first reason is that it’s what leads to things getting even better than they were before,

and the second reason is that if we don’t make some sort of peace with it, then we get stuck in it!
read more

We NEED to know what we DON’T want in order for what we DO want to become more clear.
Being content is worse than having problems when it comes to your personal growth.
Take the time to asses and welcome your next problem and you might discover you knew how to find happiness within yourself all along.
What are some “problems” that you can look back on and be grateful that you had them?
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