Top 10 Funniest/Stupid Things Karl Pilkington Has Ever Said

Parrots have gone a bit quiet since pirates have gone. #KarlPilkington #quotes — BatshevaOctavius (@batshevaoctavi2) September 15, 2016 Just the Laugh alone makes this worth it. You will either be thoroughly annoyed, or pleasantly entertained. Either way, you’re welcome Karl Pilkington feeding a lizard hobnobs and singing 'Just Can't Get Enough', whilst in Mexico […]

What the Heck Is A Latke?

I love candid moments…. Today I wanted to share with you a purely entertaining post. Yes… It is likely you will learn nothing. It is a guarantee you will buy nothing. You might even laugh a bit and feel like you accomplished nothing by reading this email and listening to the podcast of me and […]

How do you take a shortcut to your success?

How do you keep yourself motivated to success even after many failures?   That was one really eye opening question asked to my by a fellow member today.  The answer is surprising simple.  So I shared the reply with you too. Also, remember to get your questions and/or free bonus requests in before […]