What the Heck Is A Latke?

I love candid moments….
Today I wanted to share with you a purely entertaining post. Yes…
It is likely you will learn nothing. It is a guarantee you will buy nothing.
You might even laugh a bit and feel like you accomplished nothing by reading this email and listening to the podcast of me and my wife hysterically laughing before having dinner… totally random. I just hit the record button… because that’s how we roll.
Your welcome.
I will not/shall not/cannot be held accountable for the brain cells lost/burned by listening to this audio.
But I CAN guarantee that my wife has an infectious laugh! I was there when it was recorded and listening to her again just makes me start laughing all over again.
Plus, I mention the details of how to get in on my new LIVE chat slash radio show (I got tired of putting the actual slash (/) symbol in so I will just start spelling them out.. close parenthesis.
Listen to today’s candid audio “I love Latkes” below:

P. James “eating only grass fed potatoes” Holland
Coach Comebac

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