One Disgusting Habit That Is Actually Good For You

Typically you would expect to catch a load of crap for such a filthy habit.  But now, through the magic of science, you can justify almost anything. 6 Dreaded Tasks That Are Actually Great For Managing Stress SNIFFING YOUR PARTNER’S LAUNDRY No sane person puts “sniff your significant other’s dirty socks” on their to-do list, […]

Women wins $43mil jackpot and ends up $2 bucks to show for it

No, she didn’t blow it all on books and Thunder From Down Under lifetime passes like I would have. Some things just don’t go your way when you have no proof. To be fair, the casino’s are designed to make sure no one every REALLY wins… SO when I found out what they did […]

NEW: After Hours Treat To Celebrate Disneland's Magic Kingdom 25th Anniversary For Lovebirds

Now the happiest place on earth and the saddest place on earth can collide You Can Now Get Married at the Magic Kingdom After Hours And It’s Totally Magical Having your wedding at the Magic Kingdom is basically every fairy tale fan’s dream come true. Earlier this year, Disney Weddings announced that ceremonies could now […]

Potterheads Can Now Discover Their Own Patronous with New Quiz at Pottermore

Have you ever wondered what your own personal Harry Potter Official Patronous is? Well wonder no more! JK and the gang over at Pottermore just keep making things better and better for the serious fans. Now you can take the Patronous Quiz and find out within minutes. Wonder what your Patronus is? Now you can […]