Potterheads Can Now Discover Their Own Patronous with New Quiz at Pottermore

Have you ever wondered what your own personal Harry Potter Official Patronous is?
Well wonder no more!
JK and the gang over at Pottermore just keep making things better and better for the serious fans.
Now you can take the Patronous Quiz and find out within minutes.
harry potter patronous quiz

Wonder what your Patronus is? Now you can find out on Pottermore

Are you a stag? An otter? A rabbit? Maybe a doe? Now you can find out for sure.
The Harry Potter website now offers an experience letting fans know what animal their Patronus will be. Pottermore
Avid fans will remember that the Patronus was introduced in the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and its form is a marker of personality and conviction much like the famed Hogwarts Houses, which fans can also determine through a similar feature on Pottermore. In the books, Harry’s Patronus take the form of a stag, representing his father, while adversary turned hero Professor Snape’s Patronus is a doe, a symbol of his long love for Harry’s mother Lily. ….. read more usatoday.com

It was fast and a lot of fun. I found out that my Patronous is the St. Bernard.
What is yours?

Welcome to the new Pottermore

What is this shiny new website? Where did the old one go? What was Ginny Weasley’s Patronus again? Which dragon did Harry Potter battle in the first test of the Triwizard Tournament? What exactly is a ‘Cursed Child’ and are you sure the stage play isn’t a prequel? What’s Eddie Redmayne really like? Do the Pottermore staff work in a castle?
I recommend getting lost on the site. There are so many beautiful secrets lurking if you stay long enough to find them. Have a look around, and come back! Come back tomorrow! And the next day and the next day and the day after that! We’re updating the site all the time.
Soon, you’ll also be able to find out the form of your Patronus and ponder on what that means. And who knows what other magical things we’ll conjure up? If you keep an eye on the News section, you’ll be the first to hear what’s coming next and when. Because the site is ever-evolving and we’d truly value your opinion, tell us what you think and we’ll work our magic on it. pottermore.com




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My Patronous The St. Bernard
pottermore patronous quiz

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