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You Just cant’t live in that negative way… make way for a positive day – Bob Marley

From the Culturenik iPhilosophy line, this poster features an image of Bob Marley with the quote “You just can’t live in that negative way… Make way for the positive day.”

Product Features

  • 16×20 Inches
  • Great Wall Decor
  • Easy to Frame
  • Full color

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You try hard at everything you do.  It seems like you are putting in more effort than results.

English: A hamster and a hamster wheel
hamster and his wheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If feels as though you are no longer being entertained by watching that cute little hamster running on the wheel ….
Because now YOU are the hamster…. and you feel like you are getting nowhere fast.
What is the solution? The common misconception would have you believe that you are not smart enough.  That somewhere along the line you did not get enough training or schooling in what you are trying to accomplish.
So you tell yourself this is just what you have to expect.
But this rarely the case…. KEEP READING

The one shift that changed everything

That period of personal development lead to many changes in thinking, but the particular one I look back on as being the “change that brought about all other changes” was realizing I was approaching life the same way perhaps 95% (give or take) of the population does, I was playing “not to lose” rather than “playing to win.”
As soon as I realized that distinction, I knew that any life played on defense could never lead to victory. I would have to consciously decide to pro-actively go after what I wanted and “make” things happen rather than sitting back hopingthings would happen. I took personal responsibility for my life and decided I was either going to “make it big or die trying.”

The mindset you have going in will determine the type of results you are getting.
Adopt a winners mindset and there is no choice but for you to start winning consistently!born to win


How Do You Play the Game?
That period of personal development lead to many changes in thinking, but the particular one I look back on as being the “change that brought about all other changes” was realizing I was approaching life the same way perhaps 95% (give or …

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Amazing and Useful Benefits of Positive Thinking

picture of Amazing benefits of positive thinkingPositive attitude and thinking has a great role in controlling outcomes of the life as your action depends upon your thinking. Every person has the power to change the situation. Positive thinking can empower your life and can make it happy; however, negative thinking can destroy the life and your ambitions.

Positive thinking means you are looking for good in every situation. In this way, you can get control on life. A strong optimistic attitude makes a person to achieve all their goals and promote self growth. It gives you strength and power to face the challenges. However, low testosterone levels affect your thinking power and memory. Low testosterone causes are aging, disease of testicles or due to any injury to them. Consult an expert doctor if you have any low testosterone symptoms.

A strong optimistic attitude has a huge role in promoting self-growth. It makes your day wonderful. Positive thinking gives you strength and gives a new experience each day. Positive thinking is a way to success that gives control over the lives and provides huge potential. Positive thinking give you power to visualize and with the conscious effort, it can make a better life and develop your personality. Positive thinking brings wonderful outcomes in your life.

Positive thinking is all about self talk. You can take it positive or negative. Negative talk can lead towards destruction. However, you can bring it towards positive attitude.

Role of positive thinking in making you live longer and happier:

Researchers find the benefits of positive thinking and concluded that it can lead to a longer and happier life.

  1. It decreases negative stress.

  2. It improves health and well being of a person.

  3. It reduces risks of coronary artery disease.

  4. It makes breathing easier in case of lung disease such as emphysema

  5. It increases coping ability for women who have high risk pregnancies.

  6. It improves skills during hardships.

Positive thinking demands action rather than a wishful thinking:

People face many obstacles in everyday life. Some handle them easily while some find great difficulty in dealing them and show a negative attitude. However, positive thinking requires positive action. All this depends upon the power to control your thoughts. The one who has control over their thoughts is able to face the challenges of life with ease.

A positive attitude improves every aspect of life:

Having a strong positive attitude improves your life in every aspect. It may happen that your positive attitude is for the time being not giving much benefits but it will have for sure much positive and beneficial impacts in your life.

Positive thinking is shown through our behaviors and attitude. Attitudes are the ways of responding to people and situations. All these based on beliefs, values, and assumptions. A positive thinking can lead you easily towards a positive attitude. Attitudes are responsible for our behavior. It can make you optimistic and you start focus on positive and good things.

Positive thinking gives inner peace, success, better relationships, improved health, happiness, and satisfaction. It makes the life smooth, promising, and ensure your success.


Positive thinking brings healthy changes in your life with prosperity and success while negative thinking leads to negative attitude and destruction. Bring changes in your life by positive thinking and stay in peace as positive thinking keep you away from stress.

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[quote style=”boxed”] “You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” Ralph Marston [/quote]
If there was a way to instantly become a positive thinker, would you give it a try?

Shortcut to positive thinking
Image by Kathi Kruse

But why?
Why is everyone afraid to be optimistic? Where is the harm in expecting the best?
[quote style=”boxed”]“For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else” Winston Churchill[/quote]
Yet our parents teach us to expect the worse so that we are never let down.
But here is the kicker:

If your expecting the worse – YOU ARE ALREADY DOWN!

So how do you do it?
How can you see the bright side of so sooo many dark days?
Find what inspires and motivates you!
[quote style=”boxed”]Inspiration is one of the best motivators, and it can be found everywhere. Every day, seek inspiration, and it will help sustain motivation over the long term. Here are some of my sources of inspiration:

  • Blogs by people achieving my goal
  • Success stories by other people (search online)
  • Forums with other people going through the same thing
  • Friends and family
  • Magazine articles
  • Bios of high achievers (like Ben Franklin, Lance Armstrong)
  • Books about my goal
  • Quotes
  • Photos (set as your desktop pic!)
  • People I meet every day, if I get the chance to talk to them

Use these, or find your own sources of inspiration, and make it a daily habit to be inspired. Then set off towards your dreams, energized!  Via Leo Babauta at Zenhabits.com[/quote]
The point is – FEEL GOOD.
Alwyas look for things that make you feel good and by assoication you will be thinking positive.
Another powerful method to increase how positive your thoughts are is to ask yourself thought inspiring questions.
[quote style=”boxed”]So try this experiment in optimism for a week. At bedtime, write down three positive things that happened to you. Choose specific sensations, images, and interactions that were particular to that day — even if they were as common place as, My dog greeted me at the door! Then, be sure to let me know if you start feeling better about your “lousy” days.  Quoted from Dan Lippmann [/quote]
When you lead your mind to the feeling you want it has no choice but to give it to you. Without fail. EVERYTIME. Try it.
When you ask questions like ” why does this always happen to me” you mind has to hanswer, so it searches through all of your beliefs to find a answer to justify it for you.

Ask better questions and you will have better thoughts.

The most FOOLPROOF way to guarantee a positive experience for you is to release a little serotonin

Serotonin has been called the happiness hormone because when released it can regulate your mood and is associated with that “happy for no reason” feeling.

Your job is to find new ways everyday to have a little bit extra released.

One of the best ways is to give love. Start by doing something nice for a loved one or even a stranger.

Have you ever given a kid a birthday gift and watched their faces light up like The 4th of July? Did you ever noticed that as you watched the happiness that you just enriched their lives with that somehow, YOU feel more excited than the kid receiving the gift?

Then you experienced an “EXTRA” serotonin release!

[quote style=”boxed”]Take the focus away from you and do something nice for another person. I decided to make a tray of food and donate it to the Salvation Army. It took my mind off of things and I felt better for helping someone else. via Tiny Buddha[/quote]

And if all else fails…


You can’t laugh and be thinking negative.  It’s just impossible!

[quote style=”boxed”]“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” Herm Albright[/quote]

How do you cheer yourself up on a “rainy day”?

Share your favorite positivity booster in the comments below.