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Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 review

Welcome to the 30 day challenge. I have dusted off the old Anthony Robbins Personal Power II tapes and I want you to follow along and go through it together with us.
I will be listening to the audios and taking notes and reviewing it as I go along. I will be offering my insights as well as how I will be applying it to my own life and how you can too.
So this will not read like a normal blog post. It will be more of me dissecting the most important pieces of the Anthony Robbins Personal Power 2 program and noting it down. It will be in the exact order I am hearing it in. Just as if you are listening with me.
The original course is still being sold today here——
Here is the course outline from the website and what you can expect to learn
anthony robbins personal power II review
So if you are with me and ready to take on the 30 day challenge to success, lets get started….
The science of success conditioning.
First thing you are going to need is your success journal.

Anthony Robbins Personal Power II Success Journal

“I’m a firm believer in the adage that if your life’s worth living, it’s worth
recording so in addition to the written exercises, be sure to take some extra
moments each day to jot down a few notes about the events in your life, how
you’re feeling, what you’re pleased and excited about, and to acknowledge the
positive changes you’re making. Personally, I’ve kept journals for nearly two
decades, and I know you’ll find real value in putting your thoughts, ideas, and
emotions on paper: There’s a certain level of clarity that comes from journal
writing that’s difficult to reach any other way. This is such a simple yet
rewarding process! The value of it “creeps up” on you. It’s like watching
children as they grow up: Sometimes it’s difficult to see how much they’re
growing if we’re their parents, but when you”

I added a journaling app on my Tablet so I can have it anywhere. I like to travel light. Although I do believe there is power in actual writing. That means pencil to paper. For this project we will use the Tablet. But mostly, this will be my journal. I am not going to hold anything back. I will be posting everything I am working on right here.
My struggles. The obstacles and challenges I have to face. Everything will be right here. So at times I may need your support. And I will be here to offer it to you as well.
First important thing I catch is that Anthony Robbins asks us to make a promise to have desire and commitment. Say to yourself that you are totally commited to your success and that you will get yourself to follow through until you have achieved your goals.
Failure and success are not overnight things. Both take the same amount of time and effort. If you failed at something that means you had to repeatedly do something wrong. Or do nothing at all. Like in any failed relationship. It was not perfect the entire time then one morning it just failed.
You had to really work at it for it to fail.
The same is true for success. Put it consistent effort and know that it is impossible for you to fail with enough action.
Make small improvements daily. If you improved just 1% a day you will be amazed at the transformation over time.
What ever you try to improve daily cant help but get better.
Whatever you give the majority of your attention to will ultimately grow. The problem is that most poeple give all of their attention to the negative things, thus causing them to grow.
Instead, become interested in success. Make that all you notice. All you can talk about. All you dream about.
One athlete says people look at him and say “Well arn’t you so lucky being born with all that talent” and he says that people never see the years and years of practice and dedication it took to become so great. Athletes become professionals because they make a choice to become one. They demand more from themselves than what anyone else could ever expect.
The are up before everyone else training. They stay up after everyone else has gone to bed. They study their competition. They watch footage of the greats.
You can never point to one single action that all-of-the-sudden made them great. Nope. It is the total of all the little action they took consistently over the years that built into each other to make them unstoppable.
That is what we are going to do.
Spend 30 days focusing on success on all areas of your life and take daily action to improve it.
Study everything you want. If you want happiness study happiness. If you want wealth study wealth. You will learn through repetition.
Have you ever memorized a song without trying? Repeating something over and over will make it like second nature to you. Practice success.
Only thing that matters is this moment. The past has only prepared you for right now. This is all that you have.
“The past does not equal the future”
What are you going to do right now? That is the only question you need to ask yourself.

Todays message: You have the ability to act. To begin to go to a new level. We are going to learn how to reprogram the mind.

Anthony Robbins says there is a 4 step ultimate success formula that he has followed for years to create success in every area of his life over and over again. No matter if it is finances, relationships or health. This is the system to follow:

4 step ultimate success formula:

1. Know your outcome – What do you want? Get clear. Make a habit of training you brain to get to a specific result. Before you begin anything you should already know what results you are expecting. If you are on you way to the gym and you go without any expected result, you may just go in there and wander around. If you say you are going to lose 5lbs now it gives you a clear goal the what actions to take to get it. If you say you are going to bulk up and gain 10lbs you would have an entirely different set of actions. But it would be clear.
2. Take action – Start moving in the general direction of your goals. A wrong step is better than no steps. Decide to take action. Demand it from yourself. Not what we can do,but what we WILL do is the only determining factor to your success. Expect it to take some time. Start with small goals and build up on the momentum
3. Notice whats working and what isn’t. Welcome failure. Learn from it. The most successful people fail the most. Pay attention. Do not accept failure as a failure. Use it to guide you into what to try next. Always be taking a mental inventory of the results you are getting and correcting course along the way.
4. Change approach. Keep growing and getting better. Keep changing until you succeed. Think about riding a bike. You didn’t get on once, fall down and say I am never trying that again. You kept trying. One time you may only get 5 feet. The next time, 20. Then the next 50. Adults fail once or twice and give up. Don’t let that be you.
Find a role model. Someone who has the results you want and follow along.
If you wanted to lose weight, find someone who successfully lost weight and was able to keep it off and ask them what they did and copy that.
Relationship. Find people in successful relationships and ask them how they do it. What keeps them going strong.
You get the idea. Take an interest in the results you want and study it to the core.
Stop just surviving and getting by. Strive for better than that.
You obviously want more or you would not have read this far.
Your frustrations will push you to dig enough to find that breakthrough. Get excited about your frustrations and use it to uncover new possibilities.
The “Post It” was created out of a failure. They were trying to make an adhesive that would NEVER come apart. They were attempting to make a permanent glue and came out with the complete opposite. Instead of giving up and quiting, they applied step 4 and used that “failure” to creating a billion dollar industry that is pretty much a household item.
Success makes you lazy anyway.

“People succeed and they party. People fail and they Ponder” –CLICK to Tweet!

Actions today for your success journal:
Think of 2 actions been putting off. 2 things you know you need to do. If you were to do them now they would immediately improve the quality of your life. Decide right now. Start small and build up.
Then take action this very second. There is power in momentum. The second you have an idea the power is taking action right then and there. Do it now. Think of 3 small actions you can take right at this very moment and stop and go do it.
So I have 4 – because I am an over achiever that way. Set your sights high and if you fall short you are where you would have been anyway.
One of my coaching students who runs their own online retail business came to me because she had lost her motivation. She said she was only adding 5 new items to the inventory for sale a week. I asked her what would be a good number to get done? She said in her best days she used to get 10 done in one day.
So she said how about we set a new goal to get 5 done tomorrow and see if we can work our way back up to 10 a day.
I said NO!
Your goal is to get 30 done tomorrow! She was absolutely shocked! After she got done calling me crazy I told her to say it out loud and commit it to paper “I will get 30 items listed tomorrow”
So what happened?
Well she go 23 done!
Now you may look at that as a failure for not reaching 30. But had we set it at 5 she may have only gotten 3 done.
I hope you can get the picture.
Push yourself beyond your expectations.
Give yourself a chance to surprise yourself.
So my tasks.
1. Change twitter background – It is pretty sad but my twitter background still has the website from over a year ago. Something that has been nagging at me and I keep putting it off because I do not know much about graphics or designing. NO EXCUSES!
2.Edit interviews for 30 day comeback – This is a project I have been working on for months that I am very passionate about. I am constantly doing more and more interviews but I have been putting off the editing to make them ready for listening.
3. Read Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Shwartz – I was told by a few of my mentors that this is the single most important book they have ever read in their careers. That it taught them so much more than what the book is about. I have not finished it yet and I really want to.
4. Take my NLP Certification final exam – I am constantly taking courses and more training so that I can further my expertise in order to help more people.  The more I know, the better I can help you.  The class has already been completed but I have not scheduled and taken my final exam.
So how can I break this down into easy quick tasks I can do right now?
1. I can go to twitter and change my custom background with the standard one in about 3 clicks
2. I can let the interview play while I am eating dinner and by the time I am done I should be complete.
3. I can commit to reading one chapter before bed.
4. I can make the appointment to take the test.
So this is the end of Day 1.
Are you up for the challenge? Can you commit to 30 days? Are you willing to invest in your own future for just 1 month if it promises to bring everlasting change to your life?
Let me know you are with me in the comments and tell me what you put down on your tasks for todays exercise.
What have you been putting off?
Keep me on track.

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World renowned self-help mogul Tony Robbins firewalk challenge is responsible for injuring 21 people during his Unleash The Power Within Event this week.
Walking across hot coals on lanes measuring 10 feet long and heated to between 1,200 to 2,000 degrees provides attendees an opportunity to “understand that there is absolutely nothing you can’t overcome,” according to the motivational speaker’s website.

Robbins Research International said in a written statement that 6,000 attendees of the event walked across the coals Thursday.
Organizers had an “open burn permit” and medical staff at the event, and there was also a fire inspector on the scene, Williams said.
“Once they (the medical staff) became overwhelmed, our inspector called for us,” Williams said.
Witness Jonathan Correll told the San Jose Mercury News that he “heard wails of pain, screams of agony.”
Tony Robbins Firewalk

Tony Robbins’ fire walk experiences goes wrong; 21 burned on hot coals
SAN JOSE, CALIF. — He’s known as one of the top motivational speakers in the the world. But Tony Robbins’ fire walk experience didn’t go so well for some this week, resulting in almost two dozens injuries. They trusted Robbins to walk over hot coals …

“I heard wails of pain, screams of agony,” witness Jonathan Correll told the Mercury News. “It was people seriously hurting, like they were being tortured. … First one person, then a couple minutes later another one, and there was just a line of people walking on that fire. It was just bizarre, man.”

Tony Robbins’ firewalk with me: 21 hurt on hot coals
Tony Robbins suggested they “unleash the power within,” but for 21 people who burned their feet walking over hot coals, it was more about cooling their heels in a fountain. Police treated the nearly two dozen people for burns to their feet on Thursday …

On his website, Robbins suggests the “Firewalk Experience” is step 1 of his “four steps to transformation.”
“Once you start doing the impossible (or at least what you thought was impossible), you can conquer the other fires of your life with ease,” the website says.
There are those who succeeded in San Jose, the Mercury News reported.
Yet, others crossed the coals unscathed at first, but then dipped their feet in a nearby fountain after blisters started to appear.
Some people went to their hotel rooms and called 9-1-1.
“It seemed abnormal that so many got hurt,” one witness told

I just hope that this does not turn people away from giving this a try.  I have never personally tried this but I can imagine how powerful you must feel after you have accomplished something like this.

Keep in mind that there were over 6000 people there.  21 out of 6000 aint to bad.  Especially considering he has been doing this for over 30 years.

Has any of you ever tried the firewalk experience with Anthony Robbins?

Would you ever try it?

Do you think this will hurt Tony’s reputation at all or will he bounce right back after something like this?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Self-esteem building activities should NOT be a chore!
One of the most important habits you can adapt to your lifestyle and most of us do not even bother to try and build this skill.
There are tons of courses you can take, like the world famous GET THE EDGE by Anthony Robbins, that can teach you all about building your self-esteem in 8-hour four day workshops that are fantastic.
But lets be honest.
The average person cannot afford what some of these events will run you.
But the easiest and most effective self esteem building activity you CAN learn and start using today is developing your own inner dialogue

Developing self esteem is easy when you change how you talk to yourself.  Many times we go on “auto-pilot” and let our inner talk berate us for no real reason.  Instead, simply…
Take charge of your self talk and guide it into thinking positive thoughts and you’ll be surprised at how good you start feeling about yourself.


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