1. Hi
    Are you still offering this: “This Stuff Really Works 5.0 – The $10k In 30 Days in Real Estate Challenge” Does it work for Newbies?Thanks

  2. Hi Coach,
    I noticed a comment you made in the “Keyword XP” thread back in Jan 2014, that XP was able to pull the current keyword search volume, not historical. Not that up on knowing how to determine that, but wondering if you had an opinion on “Keyword Rocker” by Dr Dan & Ben Littlefield. That is, if it pulls current data versus historical data? And if the new version of “Keyword XP” is able to also?
    Thanks much,

    1. hey Ted. Sorry I just saw this. The new keyword xp makes me sad. Because the best feature it had has been removed. It no longer pulls “current” data from the google suggests. It takes historical from the google keyword tool just like all the rest. Never heard of keyword rocker but I will check it out. Thanks Ted

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