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Hi Tim here… and if you want to a proven, risk free, passive income machine hand delivered to you on a platter… then I believe I have the single most valuable way to get you there quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.
And for a limited time, you can try it out risk free for just a $1. Let me show why this is going to be the best deal you ever get for having an online business that works!

Immediate, Specific Results In 0 Minutes Or Less

The way this opportunity was created was… within the first few minutes… to give you the ability to immediately start making profit. Yes, if you stopped after just 24 hours you’d easily say to yourself that you got more than your $1 initial investment worth of value.
Then, on top of that… as you continue to maintain your new passive income stream (we show you how to do it in as little as 45 minutes a day)… you’ll discover:

  • Why building any business from scratch is doomed to fail
  • How to finally get a leg up and work with people who will guarantee your success
  • How to know immediately if you are cut out for this laptop lifestyle
  • How to profit from day 1, the second we hand it over to you
  • Why you will never have to buy another random gimmick product that will be obsolete by the time you have finished the welcome video
  • And much more

Why Should You Believe This Will Work For you?

Great question! Because I was fed up with trying to figure out how to FINALLY make full time income without having to spend 100’s of hours trying dozens of different products that just flat out don’t work.
I wanted something that was PROVEN!
Something that was already working, had been working, and will continue to work long into the future.
And I didn’t want to have to start from scratch and build it on my own.
I decided to do something about it – and I went out and found who I feel is the number one expert on this subject. His  name is P. James Holland. Or you might know him as Coach Comeback.
Here’s why many people consider Coach Comeback the best when it comes to growing brand new custom niche businesses from scratch:

  • He left his 6 figure Corporate Job with full pension and 401k as one of the highest paid Technicians (Pole-Climber) On November 10th, 2007, and has not had a job since
  • He has lived in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, South Lake Tahoe, The Virgin Islands and North Carolina (twice, loves it there) within the last 6 years fully funded by his online businesses
  • His very first product on warrior forum was a near instant best seller and his second received product of the day within 24 hours of going live
  • One of his students (wDigital) Launched one of the most successful products after working with Coach for only 2 weeks, Bringing in $38,000 in sales in under 13 days
  • And that’s just scratching the surface

Here’s How I Was Able to Convince Them To Share This With You For Such An Incredible Low Investment

You see… My passion over the last 20 years has been acting, specifically in live theatre and is truly what I’m meant to do!  My challenge has always been that acting just doesn’t pay very much, nowhere near a livable income.
Like many who are in a pursuit of a dream I was forced to get a “Day Job”, or what many in the business refer to as a “Survival Job”.  Mine was a soul sucking, M-F 9-5 job in an office sitting in a cubical working with spreadsheets & numbers.  I still acted when I could in the evenings/weekends, but life was a constant juggling act (between work, family, acting, etc…).  To make matters worse, most auditions for paid acting work take place M-F during the day, so I found myself missing out on valuable paid acting opportunities.  I was stuck in an endless circle.
I needed a way to have a flexible schedule, while earning enough money to at least pay my bills.   A short while ago I met James & asked for his help.  The rest is history!  Now I set my own schedule and have much more time on my hands to pursue my passion… acting!
The sad truth is there are so many people just like me, who have a passion & just wish they had more time to peruse it. I meet many of them at auditions or while working on acting projects.  So… I persuaded James to open up his program to everyone.  Life is short… We all deserve an opportunity to pursue the things we love to do!
First, you will hit the button for just $1 and reserve your 1 on 1 session with Coach Comeback.
Next, you take 15-45 minutes and discuss one of the biggest untapped niches that James is already killing it in.
NOTE: Will not be shared with everyone, for obvious reasons
Finally, you will have the opportunity to take what you learned on this “nearly free” session and start building your own with everything that you will now know….
Or you will be given the opportunity to have one of this profit-pulling niche ATM Machines custom built for you, designed and worked on and handed over to you ONLY AFTER it has already made profit, 100% guaranteeing its success.
Nothing is left to chance!
For just $1, you get your session, live training ($197 value) and a chance to have one built for you. Hands free. You just sit back and wait for us to hand you money.
Too much to explain all the details here, so all you have to do is join now and all will be revealed during your personalize session.
I dare you to find someone else on here who could make such a promise!

You Risk Not A Single Cent Due To Our 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

It’s simple. If you’re not already feeling like you got more than your money’s worth within the first 4.3 minutes of your one on one session, then here’s what you do. Simply contact me at [email/support] and let me know you want your money back – and I’ll give you 100% of it back immediately and promptly, no questions asked.
Even better – take up to a full 30 days to put it in action… to uncover this untapped niche, try it for yourself and decide if you want to partner with myself and Coach Comeback… and if at that time for any reason – or no reason at all… you feel this isn’t for you… just contact me. You’ll get every penny of your investment back. Again, no questions asked.
Simply put you only stand to gain today when you sign up below.

Important – at any time, since this product is so underpriced currently, I reserve the right to raise the price on this So the only way to get in on this – which is the lowest it will ever be offered at… is to sign up now… while it’s fresh on your mind. For just $1
Tim B
Ps.  The custom designed profiting business offer will be on a first come first served basis. Obviously since it will take physical work to make sure your machine is spitting out cash before it is handed over, we can only take so many people at a time.  Once the first slots are taken, you will have to wait a few more weeks, or months… or who knows if I will even get him to offer this again.
So click the buy now button now and Join for just $1 today!

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