I Feel Like I Am All Alone – Reaching Out For Help

You ever feel like you are all alone? Like nothing you try is working? Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Like completely giving up on your dreams and just settling for the average, mundane, poke-me-in-the-eyes-with-bicycle-spokes daily routine of the “normal” society like your friends and family keep suggesting?   No? Just me? ………….. *sigh* Yes,… Continue reading I Feel Like I Am All Alone – Reaching Out For Help

farnoosh brock Prolific LivingI recently have had the privilege to speak with Farnoosh Brock from Prolific Living about something that I am very passionate about frankly… well…. because I have lived it!
There are lots of self-help “Guru’s” out there who tell you try this  or that and give all kinds of theories which they think will help you without ever having tried and tested the methods for themselves.
You don’t learn that way!
You learn from real life experienced from REAL people who are not just giving you “ideas” and philosophies that sound pretty, but from the school of hard knocks!
Meaning… you learn because you do not have to guess whether or not what you hear will actually work!  You know it works because it is something that actually happened.
That is why I started this project.
I want you to be able to hear real life stories directly from the experience of a true leader!
That is what I got from Farnoosh!
So I approached her with the question…..

If you had lost everything – house, money, family, job (which I know so many people are going through right now), what are the steps you would take to rebuild and comeback more abundant if you only had 30 days to do it?

Did she answer the question???
Something you may know have know about Farnoosh is that she had a 6 figure corporate job with all the trimmings ……………. and left it all behind!
You are probably thinking she is crazy.  That sounds like the dream.  You work for years and years to climb the corporate ladder so you can retire fat and wealthy in 30 years and live the American dream.
Does it really happen like that?
How many retired people do you know that are fat and wealthy and living the dream?
Ok, maybe just wealthy and living the dream?
What I want you to learn from this amazing interview is that it IS possible to be at your absolute worst place right now and turn it into your greatest defining moment of your life!
Listen in as Farnoosh teaches you how!
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I want to show you exactly why + how I resigned from my 6-figure work-from-home career at a Fortune 100 at thetop of my game to start my own company and build a profitablebrand in less than 2 years (without a fancy MBA or a clue about “entrepreneurship”). I was just a clueless cubicle junkie with a dream of an escape!
I tell you exactly what to do if you are in a miserable job and feel trapped and want to MOVE in the right direction.
~ Farnoosh Brock – Smart Exit Blueprint

To find out how you can stop existing and start living, head over to the Smart Exit blueprint right now and AT LEAST watch the 5 free videos she has before she takes them down IMMEDIATELY!
So what did you think?
Do you think it is possible?
Do you still have the fear of changing to something new?
What are some of the things in your life right now where you could use a bit more HOPE?
Tell me in the comments below.
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