I Feel Like I Am All Alone – Reaching Out For Help

groundhog dayYou ever feel like you are all alone?
Like nothing you try is working?
Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?
Like completely giving up on your dreams and just settling for the average, mundane, poke-me-in-the-eyes-with-bicycle-spokes daily routine of the “normal” society like your friends and family keep suggesting?
Just me?
………….. *sigh*
Yes, you have not heard from me in quite some time, and for that I apologize.
It is cute that you are even upset. That means that you care. =-)

What have I been doing all this time?

I honestly could not tell you. Been super “busy”. Just don’t know with what exactly.  Sound familiar?
Somewhere along the lines I lost my way. Lost my vision. Forgot the entire reason Coach Comeback was created in the first place.
I really don’t think I have contributed much to the cause since I left North Carolina. I can admit when I made a mistake.
I guess that really says a lot about how much of a role your environment (including but not limited to friends, family, your home, your decor, the music you listen to, the television you watch, the books, magazines, tweets or status updates you read) play a role in the overall quality of your life.

This is probably one of the hardest things I have had to write.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/45678371@N05/4270808939Self-reflection and admitting that the problem lies within can be a hard pill to swallow. I just got a lump in my throat typing that.
It took the harsh but true, slap-in-the-face words of a good friend to shake me up and remind me not to give up on myself.
I know it has been awhile so likely none of this is even making any sense right now.

Let me give you the Cliff Notes version of the past year in 30 seconds or less:

A few years ago I was met with a series of unforseen circumstances that lead to me losing everything! Yes everything!
Not talking, I just lost a job or something like that. I…. MEAN…. EVERYTHING!

  • House.. Or houses
  • Career
  • Business
  • Car
  • Bank Account
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Possessions

I was literally down to what little clothes I could fit in my bag and my computer.
Yes. I had the “American Dream” life. Had the corporate job fot 10 years. Was at top salary (6+ figures a year), full benefits, 401k.. The whole enchilada!
And yet, somehow.. Here I am. Years later. Still standing. Still breathing. Better off than I was before it all happened.

Was it tough?

DAMN RIGHT! Toughest time of my life!
Would I change anything if I could do it all over?
[box type=”info” style=”rounded”](If you would like to hear the full story look for me on skype (id:here.to.inspire), add me on google plus or send me a tweet. I am online full time and I love to share. I am a normal person just like you. Reach out!)[/box]
So my vision behind the brand “Coach Comeback”, was to inspire people like you to surmount impossible odds. To achieve your most ambitious goals. To encourage you to know that you are not alone in what you are going through. To know that however bad or impossible you problems seem on the surface right now, something deeper is going on and you WILL be better for it.
But sad to say I have not been inspiring anyone for quite some time. Have not written any posts.
Have not been reaching out and having private chats with people in need like I used to.
Have not even been posting my daily motivational quote of the day anymore (usually on twitter)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/22795056@N03/2337143927So this is where you come in!

HA! You thought I was just going to throw a pity party for myself and not actually look for, want or accept feedback or help didn’t you?
Sorry. Not that kind of party.
If that is what you are looking for just take 3.7 minutes to scroll through your Facebook news feed and you will have plenty.
Go ahead and get you fix then comeback here when you are ready to help a friend in desperate need of some feedback (me)

Ok. Did you get that out of your system? Great! Let’s proceed.

  • I want to get back to creating for you.
  • I want to write for you.
  • I want to chat with you.
  • I want to create videos for you.

You can help revive Coach Comeback and have it be exactly what you want and need to help you exactly where you are right now.
First, I need a new tagline. Something that really sums up what the site is about in one short punchy, to-the-point phrase.
Keeping in mind the principles and topics that I stand for and believe in:

  • Positive thinking is the foundation of ALL success
  • Meditation is awesome
  • Law of attraction
  • Brain power. Basically the extreme power of the mind in creating your reality
  • Manifesting
  • Abundance
  • Happiness
  • Being a leader
  • Pioneer
  • Creating your own future
  • Being a Rebel
  • Not following the crowd
  • Ignoring the expectation of others
  • Goal Achievement
  • Inspiring others
  • Making a difference
  • Destroying limiting beliefs
  • Living in the moment
  • The power of getting into an alpha brain state

And other similar topics.
But, I wanted to make this fun.

So this will be a tagline contest!

Remember earlier when I said a good friend gave me the wake-up slap that I needed?
Well, to continue to go above and beyond that friend, Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living, has graciously offered to give the winner who suggest the best new tagline for the blog access to one of her most requested courses!
The program is called The 10 minute Daily Invigorator!
In it you will learn: How to Increase Energy by switching off your fatigue and change midday slumps with invigoration to productive afternoons. You learn to do all of this with natural and efficient techniques.
Natural because all you need is your body to create the movements and the breathing techniques that I show you step-by-step, and efficient because it only takes 10 minutes a day and you can do the many where, at home or on the road or in a hotel or at a friend’s house.
Just imagine, what would it feel like to have more energy through the day?
How would it feel NOT to have to fight that annoying fatigue when you have so much to do?
In this Boosting Energy course I will teach you how to wake up your natural energy (because you have more energy than you are using right now) and then how to end your fatigue. Did you know your own energy goes dormant and then is wasted if you don’t know how to access it? You learn how to reverse that process in this course.
You can read more about it here: https://www.udemy.com/10minutes
The second part is for you to tell me what you would like me to cover first over the next 30 days. What topics or area of your current goal attainment do you need the most help with?
That’s it! The winner will likely be announced on monday August 12th… unless I fall in love with your awesome suggestion before that, in which case I will close early! =-)
So leave your best tagline in the comments below and you will have a chance at free entrance to the 10 minute invigorator….but more importanly you will have contributed to the reconstruction and revitalization of me personally and my blog… thus helping out all of the future readers to come.

Right now I need you!

I need you to actively take part in something huge here. To help spark a message that has gotten off track. You name will be in the credits if I choose your tagline for the lifetime of this project!
Let’s have your best!
Good luck.. And thank you!
P. James “The teacher has become the student” Holland

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