How do you take a shortcut to your success?

How do you keep yourself motivated to success even after many failures?

That was one really eye opening question asked to my by a fellow member today.  The answer is surprising simple.  So I shared the reply with you too.
Also, remember to get your questions and/or free bonus requests in before the Q & A this tuesday at 6pm eastern.
Still not sure what I am going to use to host it yet. But, as soon as I do I will email you the link to register… unless I decide to do a hangount and stream it directly inside the members area then there will be a new tab for that and you will just go there at the start time
Hope you are having a fun filled successful weekend. (Yes, it CAN be both)
P. James “Thinking, ‘What’s Next'” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. I have decided to switch from audioboo over to SoundCloud for a number of freatures that SoundCloud has that Audioboo does not.  I will still be using both but if you were following me you may want to add my SoundCloud profile now.

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