My Dad hung up on me – Plus sneak peak at Version 5.0

Not my real dad

Not my real dad

This past Thursday I was invited by one of my good friends to play a round of golf for free. How could I resist at that price right?  Plus my friend is a full time student going to Medical school so this is the only time he will have off until… who knows when.  

HAD to jump on in!

He picks me up early that morning to go meet with HIS best friend.  I knew he worked at a golf course so that is how we could play for free at any time.
What I didn’t know what that his friend worked at St. James Plantation! Yes, THAT St. James!  You know, the one that has 81 holes, over 6,000 acres, UBER private, luxury golf resort in Southport, NC.
Well naturally once we pull in the first person I thought to call was my dad.  HE is the reason I love golf so much.  Growing up, he was always gone playing and me, wanting to spend more time with him, decided I better learn to play so I can go with him.  (Same thing happened with fishing)
Sadly, my excitement didn’t cross through the phone. . .
While I am blabbing with glee talking about where I am about to play for free my dad cuts me off mid sentence..
*CLICK*…. dial tone
Lucky for me my dad has my same (slightly insane) personality and humor and he wasn’t really mad.  We just have that kind of relationship.
He called me right back and we laughed about it.
Since then I have been working on version 5.0 that I will likely launch tomorrow.
If you have 1.0 or a lifetime member you will already have 80% of 5.0.  Coincidentally this will be one of the easiest products I ever created… AND THE MOST FUN!  And I got paid to create it (explained in the video and how you can easily duplicate what I did)
It’s a pretty cool trick I just discovered and I am a little nervous because I have never done anything like this before.
Yet, in that short little video you should have so many ideas that spring from what I show you that you can do what I did ONE TIME and have it generating income for you for all of 2014!
Let me know if you think it is a good idea or if you think it is going to bomb  =-(
P. James “never stops creating” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. This was only meant for 1.0 and lifetime members but I like to reward people who open my emails so for maybe an hour or so everyone will have access to this training.
If by the time you are reading this it says “members only content”…. that means it is too late.


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