Amazon Kindle – New Unlimited E-Book Subscription

Here’s my take on the just released Amazon Kindle Unlimited.
It’s a $9.99 monthly subscription that would give you access to any and all Kindle books.
The only drawback I see here, it’s only a RENTAL.
Let’s say you’ve downloaded 20 books a month in the past 6 months then decide to cancel, you end up losing 120 books that you used to conveniently have access to in an instant. Unlike an actual book that you get to keep forever.
I just received an email from Amazon this morning and I have a 30 day free trial and will definitely give this a try in the next few months.
I am excited about this.
I want to know if you are.
Do you or did have it?
What do you think?
Talk to me.

Here’s the transcription of the podcast:
Wow, well this is exciting… I just found out Amazon has now released Amazon Unlimited. Now this is probably going to make Amazon a TON of Money but I think it is also good benefit for book lovers alike so there’s pros and cons but I think it’s win-win for everybody, it’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve been excited about in a while, so basically they’re having a 1 time fee to have unlimited downloads of any and all Kindle books you can manage so I know I’ve read more than $10 worth of books a month, so it’s for ten dollars you can just download, download, download, read, read, read all the books you can but the only drawback I see is you’ll be renting them instead of buying them.
For some people that read books once, like fiction books and never read them again it’s probably a pretty good deal. But maybe for non-fiction stuff, where you may want to reference back to a how-to-book for something later or like a cookbook, recipe book, something like that, that you want to keep forever. It may not be so great because obviously once you cancel, all the books that you have download will be gone.  So say you have been using this for six months or so, well, you have downloaded in the six months probably you know 20 books a month times 6, you probably have 120 books the you’re used to seeing in your library and reading at any given time. So you’ve paid six months which is $60 worth of books and downloads, but you go to cancel all 120 books will now be removed so you just paid the $60 for like a rental, where as if you paid the $60 normally and bought I don’t know, most books like fiction are around $5-$10 so maybe $60, you might get you know, half of that $5, 12 so you might have 15 or so books but you get to keep them forever. So that’s the difference, you can access any and all 120 books and read them all up if you’re an avid reader like myself and then you only read them once or keep them forever and just buy them. You still have the option to do either/or.
Anyways, I just got the email from Amazon this morning, I’m really excited and I’m still reading the terms and conditions and how it all works plus you get a 30 day free trial so I am definitely going to check this out at least for a couple of months to see how much more reading I do when I get the unlimited subscription. I’m glad Amazon came up with this. Let me know what you think, are you going to check this out. Are you an avid reader. You think it’ s a good idea to get unlimited book for $10 a month or should you just buy the books since you don’t like the idea once you cancel and all your books are gone. That’s part of the hook though, keep paying monthly and monthly so you get to keep your books. I like it! Good system, good marketing on Amazon’s part probably going make them a ton of money but it’s also a really cool feature. I like the idea of paying $10 then just going crazy and reading all I want. Good also to do when you’re on vacation or something and you know you’re just relaxing and you can do a ton of reading it’s so cool to just pay $10 and having a library at your fingertips and pick any book you would like to read and start it and if you don’t like it just stick it back on the shelf and grab another. I am excited about this, I want to know if you are. Has anyone tried it yet? Do you have it? Did you have it? What do you think? Talk to me.

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