Amazon's New Announcement Could Be The End of Youtube

On May 10th Amazon announced that it will be opening up it’s prime membership to normal content creators like myself and the regular open public.
NEW: Amazon Video Direct to Compete with Youtube

Five years ago Amazon decided it wanted to take on Netflix with an unlimited video streaming service chocked full of Hollywood movies and television shows. Now, the retail giant has its sights set on YouTube, the biggest video site on the Internet. It’s the ad-supported videos that pose the biggest threat to YouTube.

This means that you will be able to profit from your sill cat videos. Unlike youtube where all you get is a little quick burst of self satisfaction to see one of your videos get 100 hits.
With amazon’s new prime, now you will be paid for going viral. Ahow awesome is that
You can even SELL your own videos right there on amazon. They are completely chanign everything for everyone.
To get a little more mementum going they are even offering a bonus to the top 100 videos views each month to the tune of $1,000,000
YES! That is one million dollars.
In bonus. This is on top of what they have already promise to pay you for revenue share using their prime benefit and/or what you charge for buying or rending whatever video you create.
There are so many possibiliteis here. The could even give a run to places like Udemy who sells online courses.
My mind is already spinning with ideas. Could this be used to sell online courses via amazon? Do you think there would be an interest?

Amazon Video Direct Aims to Take on YouTube, FacebookOn Monday, Amazon announced Amazon Video Direct, a new self-service program that will let video creators post videos on the company’s streaming platform and either sell them, rent them, make them available to Amazon Prime members or offer them for free with advertising.
The retailer may be aiming to create a more premium experience that sits between homemade YouTube videos and movies on Netflix. Initial partners for Amazon Video Direct include Conde Nast, The Guardian and the multi-channel network Machinima. But even this style of video has quickly grown competitive. YouTube has bundled together content from some of its most prominent creators in a new subscription package called YouTube Red, while Facebook is convincing large news organizations to stream content via Facebook Live. Amazon will have to open its wallet wide to compete with such efforts. Early signs are that it’s willing to do so. In addition to offering ad revenue and royalties, the company will pay $1 million per month to the creators of the 100 most popular videos in Amazon Video Direct. read more at

What about meditation or yoga videos. I can guarantee Yoga an exercise videos will do insane. There is already a large popularity.
But will someone for instance be intersted in viewing one of my real estate trainings from the comfort of their mobile device or television?

This is something worth exploring. And may make you think twice before uploading that video to youtube.

It’s the ad-supported videos that pose the biggest threat to YouTube. The Google-owned video site has come to dominate the world of online video by amassing a huge repository of videos and convincing marketers to sell ads against them. YouTube went largely unchallenged in this space for years, until Facebook’s aggressive push into video in 2014. Now Amazon will be another competitor with the deep pockets and technical infrastructure to be a potential threat.


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