Was I Being Too Dramatic?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/42623930@N04/8755207635I’m going to tell you something I have not told ANYONE yet!
You (and my ever so gorgeous Sisi) will be the only one who knows about this.  Hope you can keep a secret…
Well… in about 2 weeks… I plan to leave the country!
No one knows and I am pretty sure they will not take it too well.
I probably wont either.  I have never been good at goodbye’s.  I would rather just send a text from the airport.
I know.. .terrible right?
I don’t know another way.
I am just not ready for all of the questions people will ask.
You know what I am talking about:
Is it safe over there?
Do you have all your shots? (what am I, a newborn puppy?)
Can you drink the water?
Where do babies come from?
And the one that is asked the most… What are you going to do for money?
At least that one I can answer with 100% assurance and say…
It was my first love!  Yes…we broke up for awhile when we had a fight.  But it has always been there for me when I needed it.
Because I learned how to buy and sale properties fast without using any of my own money or seeing the properties, I can literally work that business from anywhere in the world!
As you know my passion was for inspiring people. That is why I started Coach Comeback.  To share my story of those infamous “Dark days” I spoke about in yesterdays email and how I was able to bounce back (or “come back”… get it?) to live a life better than I could have imagined.
Well, turns out inspiring people didn’t keep the lights on!
I wasn’t quite making Wayne Dyer money…. yet… so whenenver I got in a pinch… I would fall back on Real Estate, flip a quick deal to give us a cushin, then I would go back to writing and trying to help others.
But I realized that people are inspired more than ever when they have more money.. go figure.
So one last time before I say Bon Voyage… you can catch me LIVE tomorrow and I will walk you through step-by-step my go-to real estate quick cash system that I fall back on ANYTIME I need a little extra help.
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It has ALWAYS worked.
It ALWAYS will.
In ANY market!
In ANY city!
It just makes sense.  You basically get paid for knowing how to put a deal together. Never risking a dime.
See you tomorrow at my “Farewell” webinar/google hangout/workshop… or whatever the kids are calling it these days
P. James “Not telling you were I am going yet because… es un secreto ;-)” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. If you ever feel like giving up, remember why you held on so long in the first place!
pps. So glad the dark days I talked about in the last email are soooooooo far behind me now!
ppps.  If you guess where I am moving to, I will give you my book “Do I stay or Do I go” for free  =-D
reply with your best guess

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