How One Fat Man Started A 5 Chick Cat-Fight – Video

Chris Christie Gets Mad The ViewIs Governor  Chris Christie going to die?
Is his weight a serious enough health risk that it should be publicized by random people?
Well one doctor thought so…
And was successful at  terrifying Christie’s kids.
Apparently he was not happy about it and decided to  Fire back live!
The reviews of how Chris Christie handled his reply were mixed to say the least
Watch as the Cat-Fight ensues on The View over right and wrong. 
[imaioVideo v=1]
Does this happen to you?
Do you take advice from people who have no idea what they are even saying?
Do you take advice from people about things in your life they have NEVER experience ever?!?!?
Every time you want to try something new everybody has an opinion!  Even though they know nothing about what you are doing.
Everybody knows a guy, who knew a guy, that tried what you want to try and they lost a leg or something.
Next time …
Stop them mid sentence and say if you haven’t actually done what you are telling me not to do, please keep your opinion to yourself.
Or as Christie so eloquently put it “SHUT UP”

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  1. says

    Ahhh, debate, controversy… hahah 🙂
    It’s reeeeeeeal simple:
    Every human being is unique, and individual…
    Every one has their own path.
    Maybe Chris Christie is here to show us how a 90 year old fatman can inspire everyone and change his life.
    Maybe he’ll live just fine to an old age.
    Or maybe he’s here to keel over and start a new health movement in his name that becomes famous.
    No One Knows.
    It’s His Business.
    And anytime a person is commenting about what other people SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do, every time they’re PREDICTING HARM for another..
    …they could be doing something Even More Helpful.
    It’s not about who’s right, and who’s wrong — it’s about could that doctor realize that Bitching Out Someone’s Death In Public, for whatever reason, is weak sauce, and She Could Do Much Better.

    • says

      Very well stated my friend. I love that… what she is doing is weak sauce lol!
      Sometimes it really gets to me that people LOVE to offer their opinions about things that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Butting in where not requested is not sexy!

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