I think I am a lot like you…

rock bottom badI have been at the bottom.
More specifically, I have been at the bottom, knee deep in goat excrement, while nursing open wounds during a salt storm, with 3 boulders chained to my ankle and a semi-truck barreling down on me at 80 MPH!
What I am saying is… I have been in some $#**ty situations!
It aint pretty.
I know what it is like to to have dreams or aspirations seem just out of reach.
To try for something you want so bad… and fail miserably.
To have the fear inside from the past cripple you from even taking the steps forward you KNOW deep down you must take.
To spend a ton of money on an investment that was suppose to be “the one” only to have that blow up in your face!
To have you spouse counting on you and you have to face them and say “it didn’t work”
I am going to go out on a limb and say we also want the same things:
To feel like you know you were here to do something great… something more than what you are doing now.
To to make a difference. To inspire others. To leave something behind for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.
To be financially free! To never have to worry about money again. To have you kids ask you for something and you respond YES without a moment of hesitation.
To be looked at as the hero to your family.
Above all.. To be free.
Free of choice.
Freedom of location.
Free of worry.
Free to be, do or have anything you want.
And I want to help you create that!
You see, when I was in those dark days (I don’t really like to talk about it), that is when I learned how to create a life that was free. Wish I could say I read one book and figured out and we lived happily ever after.
But I didn’t!
I learned from the school of hard knocks!
You be surprised how creative you can get when you don’t have any other choice.
I can look back now and give thanks to those dark days because down in that pit is where I learned how to create wealth at will.
That is where I learned how to make something from absolutely nothing!
Without the dark days, I would probably still be stuck.
Stuck in a job I hate.
Stuck in a lifeless relationship.
Stuck in a monotonous daily routine.
Stuck feeling hopeless.
Stuck feeling like I had no choice.
Stuck not being in control of my life.
Stuck not being in control of how I use my time.
No thank you!
Being FORCED out of all those things because of the tragedies that came with the dark days shook me!
And now I am here to WAKE YOU UP!
To show you a way where you can take control of your finances.
This thursday I will be teaching my system LIVE during an interactive online workshop. The same system I used to flip a property in less than 21 days that made me over $10,000 without me ever spending a dime.
Without me risking a single penny (didn’t have any).
Without using any credit (didn’t have any of that either).
Without me even seeing the house (it was 5 states away from where I lived).
All I used was the internet and my cell phone.
And I will show you how YOU can get started right now, regardless if you have never even seen a house before or even know what one is (hopefully you do)and be cashing your own check in less than 60 days if you follow what I will teach you.
***Can be done in your spare time***
Last time I did this (over 8 months ago) the recording didn’t work out too great so try your best to be there live.
But if you cant make it, register anyway and if I do record it I will email you a link to watch it later.
But you wont be able to ask any questions unless you are there live.
And I will talk to you this Thursday!
P. James “In a giving mood” Holland
Coach Comeback
“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive” ~ Oprah

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