Ellen DeGeneres ~ "I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little" With Gladys From Austin, Texas (Complete)

Ellen DeGeneres, born January 26, 1958, is an American stand-up comedienne, television host and actress. She hosts the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGener…
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Question by jupiter: What are some movies with troubled characters or anti-heroes that find love?
I love anti-heroes. The ones that aren’t the good guy, and they aren’t the bad guy. They can be rude, immoral, and even downright crazy or cruel, but they’re not all bad. I’m trying to find some movies (or TV shows or books) with characters like these that have a romance or find love. Even if it doesn’t work out. The psych major in me just loves the psychology of someone who is damaged, angry, or morally ambiguous finding someone he or she struggles to learn how to love.
Any ideas?
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Finding Nemo - Fin, Noggin', Duuude!

One Of My Favourite Parts Of Finding Nemo. Enjoy!


  1. I Am Indy says

    Gladys was actually referring to the alcohol that is contained in the Listerine. You can tell that Gladys takes a nip now and then 🙂

  2. perceptimaginations says

    she said that “these people will stop you just for a little bit of listerene” because ppl dont allow liquids over a specific volume inflight. 🙂 😀

  3. Henrik Johansen says

    “A friend I know from Austin says Gladys is actually a comedian from that area, a guy. He does voice work in commercials and has performed on CDs with Larry the Cable Guy. His name is Scott Hardy.  He’s really good with the old lady voice, isn’t he?”
    I found this on another Gladys video! :)

  4. Sucheta says

    I agree, it’s frustrating cause everyone’s laughing so hard and I can barely understand a thing, I wanna have a laugh too!

  5. Gloria Godwin says

    Alive & well, according to her grandson, Scott Hardy. Check out her FB page as well as her website.

  6. Gloria Godwin says

    What a hoot! Simple enough to check in with Gladys via her FB page & while you’re at it, check out her website. From one Texan to another … much love to Gladys.

  7. Scott Hardy says

    My Nana Gladys is 100% still with us! She is a loving spirit that truly makes this world a little nicer. Much speculation about who Gladys really is. This call between Ellen and Nana G was not scripted. Laughter and love are real things folks. It’s ok to let moments like this remain the sweet things they are. As the lady’ likes to say, “Keep On Keepin’ On!”

  8. Dawn Manwell says

    I think she may have been entirely fake, if you google it, it may have been a fake voice from the KLBJ show. YouTube won’t let me post the link.

  9. whatuphtown says

    And if ur not from anywhere ’round here’ u wouldn’t understand…but Gladys sounds EXACTLY…EXACTLY…like most of the country town, cornbread fed grannies we all have in our family.

  10. whatuphtown says

    Oh wow! This lady is crazy! She keeps it real! And yes, 2 snowflakes and an icicle will shut a town down in Texas. Too funny!

  11. insanelikedru says

    gimme some fin, nogin, dude. sweet totally i’m going to try to fit theses phrases into everyday conversation.

  12. H0oLIgAnSsRo0lMaRrSz says

    woooooah! that was so cool! hey dad did u see that?!! did u c me?! did u c wat I did??….cutest thing ever

  13. Christina Auer says

    Hahahah, so, when I was 2 & 1/2 I was in a coma & I had encephalitis, so, I have memory loss & I’m also THE most cautious person…EVER. …I AM this movie…

  14. paintballin4life1 says

    well i am so sorry this 2min clip taken from a childrens movie didnt keep you entertained the entire time. Pixar really should learn to accommodate to YOUR needs because thats what is important. Any other complaints/critics?

  15. Chait Fagun says

    I’ve read through all the responses on here however I reckon this is a very good clip. My cousin just would like to get effective with women of all ages. He picked up a fuck load from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The guidance on the subject of how to get women from night clubs from Master Attraction got him his first lays in 3 long yrs. I got aggravated though coz I heard them all.

  16. Day Dreamer says

    As Good As It Gets ( Jack Nicholson plays a psychotic OCD guy, but in the end we learn he has a heart and maybe Helen Hunt)
    Escape From New York and L.A. ( not much romance for Snake Pliskin, but he is my favorite anti-hero)
    Riddick ( Pitch Black & Chronichles of Riddick. again not much romance but a great anti-hero)
    Dirty Harry ( He really is a hero, but he’s so tough and rough around the edges that you may as well call him an antihero)
    How about the show Dexter?

  17. Tiffany Larrabee says

    No. Not Beastly. Ever.
    A Walk to Remember
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Dirty Dancing
    The Breakfast Club

  18. MystMoonstruck says

    About a Boy
    Elmer Gantry
    The Wild One
    On the Waterfront
    The African Queen
    Knock on Any Door
    East of Eden (1955)
    Rebel without a Cause
    Angel and the Badman
    Guys and Dolls

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