Emotionally Draining Relationships – Why You Should Ditch Soul-Sucking Vampires

Emotionally draining relationships are…. well…. draining!
These vampires are crafty too.  They dress up like concerned mother’s giving “advice” about who you should be dating.
They are co-workers who seem to be waiting for you around every corner with the latest horrible news of the day.
They often even show up as your best friend whom you cannot for the life of you even remember why you are friends in the first place.
But there they are.
You cringe at the very site of them almost emotionally bracing yourself for the blow.
You see the name pop up on your iPhone and you thank the high heavens for caller ID.
By the time your interaction is over you feel completely deflated and would have rather stuck forks in your eyes.
Yet, they are still in your life.

Why do we keep these “friends” in our lives?

Deep down we feel some sort of obligation to spend time with them.
Maybe it’s a family member that will guilt you into oblivion if you miss one of their life-sucking phone calls.
It’s like they have this mythical power over you to wipe out any chance of you having a good day with a simple text message.
But you’re not a jerk….. so you answer the call.

Family or not – THEY MUST GO

You cant just keep hoping they will go away on their own.
I am here to tell you… they wont!
Vampires have to feed.  And your emotions and energy are the main course.
Jen Gresham says….

Don’t be afraid to ditch the soul-suckersFinding the good in people, however, doesn’t mean you should provide equal opportunity to everyone who wants a piece of you.  Some people, like my father, have serious problems that I can’t solve.  If you want to take responsibility for someone, start with yourself.  Surround yourself with generous, emotionally healthy individuals and ditch the guilt.

Start Small – Take Your Energy Back

Start today to remove just one emotionally draining relationship from your life.
Right now I am sure you already have one person in mind that you KNOW your life would be better without.
If you do not protect your mental health you will always fall victim to this prey.
Why are they in your life?
I mean… really?
If you do not have a compelling reason that involves them enhancing your everyday experience……….  GIVE THEM THE AX!


  1. says

    “Right now I am sure you already have one person in mind that you KNOW your life would be better without.”
    Nope – I’ve already removed um all!
    Negativity is way too contagious to leave festering.

    • says

      Ditto Amit. I removed the soul suckers and emotional drainers from my life a couple years ago when my personal renaissance began. It felt hard at first, and there was some brief guilt, but those quickly subsided and were replaced with feelings of relief and happiness.
      Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot to dislodge. Some of those vampires can be hard to shake!

  2. says

    I have moved on from people like this in my work and friendships.
    With family, socialization consists of polite get togethers at weddings and birthdays, whilst there being aware of the triggers and avoiding those topics.

  3. says

    Completely agree! I’ve known a few people like this (used to have a job full of them) and they really do suck the life out of you. We may like some of ’em, but they gotta go!

  4. says

    I can’t say I’ve axed all these people from my life completely – but I do set things up so I spend as little time with them as possible. My life looks and feels a lot different now that I’ve done that , and removed myself from situations where I’m forced to spend time with ‘drainers.’

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