I Got Naked On Camera – And I Liked it!

That’s right!
I totally bared it all!
This video was never meant to go public.
This was something that was totally private between me and my Cece!
But ….
You know how that goes in the blogging world.
You want to see the “real” me.
I will probably be totally in the dog house for publishing this!

How This Video Came To Be

When I was preparing for my workshop last week titled
How to make $10k In 60 days in Real Estate
I needed some practice.
I had never done a live event on such short notice and I was using a new webinar service.
So I needed to test it out!
So my ever so lovely assistant, Sisi offered to be my audience to test sound quality and how smooth the video was.
So to practice my presentation skills I literally just created an outline in 2 minutes and pushed the BROADCAST button.

I titled the webinar “Why I Love Sisi”

She was in the other room on her laptop and I was in my office.
I hit record and totally started spilling my guts to her!
It was unscripted!
What you are seeing is totally candid.  Me in my purest form.
If you ever meet me ( and I hope you do one day) you will know my personality.
This was me! Being me!
There is no marketing.
There is no agenda.
Just a guy showing his love on camera and those awkward moments caught on tape and published for your amusement.
[imaioVideo v=1]


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      hahaha I certainly hope Jon is taking some credit for my more recent success =)
      This year will bring lots of new changes. I will get a lot more personal and you are sure to get a lot more “ME”

  1. says

    Awwwww, how sweet. CeCe is one lucky chick! 🙂
    I like that you shared this with us James! You’re right, it does let us “see” you on a personal level. Besides, you gotta test new software right? May as well make it good! LOL
    Btw: I love Freemind 🙂

    • says

      Thank you Kesha! Pretty sure I am actually the lucky one though!
      Well, I’m quite the catch myself so I guess she scored too lol. I was really nervous about sharing this. It really felt personal and just me and her goofing around. But after I listened to it, I felt that this was the most genuine I have been on camera in awhile.
      I usually have planned out what I am going to say. I usually go a lot of mental editing and censoring and even more editing after I am done.
      Not this time! This was one take. No script or agenda. I just said honey get on your computer so I can test this out before the workshop. Had no idea what it would turn into.

  2. says

    Hi James,
    It got me opening the email quick as flash (sorry) as well.
    What surprised me more was that when I got down to comments there are only women here, lol.
    Thank you for sharing a part of yourself, it’s nice to get to know you.

    • says

      It’s weird… and I am making a BROAD GENERALIZATION here so please don’t stone me…
      But most of the demographics on personal development blogs are women and most of the readers of make money online stuff is men.
      So it is not surprising to me lol. Men want more money and women seem to want to improve the quality of their lives and those around them on a deeper more connected level.
      Expect to see more of me in the coming year Priska.

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