[Gift 1 of the season giveaways] Let the games begin – you gotta be quick

Every time I send you an email from now til Christmas, it will contain some sort of gift.
It WILL be limited.
It will either be TIME SENSITIVE. Like a self destructing gift that is removed after 1 hour of being sent.
Or maybe a limited gift (like this one) that is a book I purchased myself and select the “gift” option in amazon and it gives me a code to give a way. So in that case it goes to whoever is the first to redeem it.
Or it might be one where I ask a riddle or something and the first person to respond with the correct answer gets whatever I am giving away.
Either way it will be something fun. Or my attempt at something fun. Or something that entertains me in some way… because that what the holidays are all about right?
NOTE:I send my emails out to a couple thousand of my contacts. So you have to be pretty quick when you read my emails. My best suggestion is to set up an email rule or an alert so you are notified on your computer AND mobile the second I send you something.
Just a tip 😉
So this is gift 1 for the holiday season
It is a copy of one of my books found here on Amazon
Once there, when you go to purchase, there is an option in the right column that says “enter promotional code or gift code”
Enter this: (enable images if you cannot see the code below)
enable images for code
Another, more stern, note: If you do not plan on immediately using (reading, in this case) said gift and putting it into action, OR, you already own it, please leave it for someone else to use. Some people (not you) will take any and all gifts just for the sake of getting something

Not you…. of course.
If you did not make it in time, worry not. I have many more to come, so maybe you will get something even COOLER in the next email.
In the meantime you can listen to the latest podcast where I pretty much self-deprecate the entire time my own personal disgust with myself. I’m a work in progress…
Podcast here: I think I hate Myselfie

P. James “also kinda sorta back on facebook” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. I really do want to make this fun, so I am open to suggestions for any other gift ideas. Just ask
pps. And now here is an inspirational quote… with a bit of my type of humor. Because if you can’t enjoy a little inspiration…. then you are probably a Nazi… in which case, you likely wont like much of anything I say. Which would be confusing as to why a Nazi that doesn’t like me is reading my email, or even knows how to read email, or has opposable thumbs

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