How an indoor water fountain can revitalize you and your home.

In today’s culture, it can be hard to find ways to relax. Most of us have busy lifestyles, and encounter many stress factors throughout the day. When you come home, you want to come back to a soothing environment that will replenish you after a stressful day. An effective way to create this environment is by using indoor water fountains.
Soothing Sounds
indoor zen water fountainFew things are more relaxing than the sound of running water. In fact, humans are conditioned to like this noise – our ancient ancestors relied on bodies of water to live, and early settlements were developed alongside them. The sound of water flowing is the reassuring sound of natural life. Many of us today, however, do not live close enough to a body of water to get this calming benefit. For those who don’t, indoor water features are a great substitute.
Even if your work continues when you get home, the sound of your indoor fountain lets you imagine you are floating along a river, walking on a beach, or standing next to a waterfall. The sound of your fountain is not only soothing, it can help cover up sounds that may be distracting or annoying, such as outside traffic or noisy neighbors.
Humidified Air
Indoor fountains have additional stress-relieving benefits besides their sound. They also work as humidifiers, but without the mechanical noise and aesthetics that commercial humidifiers bring. Fountains add natural moisture to the room, which helps you breathe freer and easier. Having moisture in your indoor environment also prevents dry skin and eyes, fights fatigue, and strengthens your immune system against colds. Indoor plants and pets will be healthier in a moister environment, too. All of these factors help keep you calm and relaxed when you’re at home.
Ionic Balance
Another reason indoor fountains reduce stress is because they release negative ions. Negative ions are molecules that are found in the humid air you breathe when you’re out in nature, such as on a mountaintop, in a forest, or near bodies of water. Most indoor environments have very low concentrations of negative ions, not only because the air is drier than outdoors, but because electronic devices emit positive ions, changing the atmosphere’s molecular balance. The televisions, microwaves, stereos, and other equipment in our homes are creating an ionic balance that decreases energy, lowers immune system function, and promotes depression.
Negative ions, on the other hand, reduce stress and depression and decrease fatigue. They also improve breathing and respiratory system function, which strengthens the immune system. Introducing indoor water features will add these much-needed negative ions to your home, creating a healthier and happier environment for you and your family.
Aesthetic Appeal
Finally, indoor fountains can reduce stress by improving the aesthetic quality of your home. We’re all happier when our surroundings are visually appealing, and whatever your home’s style, there is a fountain to fit it. Indoor wall fountains, tabletop fountains, floor fountains, and water walls can be used in any room of your house, or even in combination with each other. Styles range from sleek and modern to rustic and pastoral, and they enhance the beauty of any room. You can even incorporate lights, stones, and other features to create a display that is not only soothing, but also visually stunning. Introducing a natural element to an indoor environment is a unique interior design feature. Indoor fountains can both captivate and soothe you and your guests.
We all want our homes to be sanctuaries of relaxation, free from the stress of the outside world. Try an indoor water feature today, and discover how it can benefit your health and happiness.

This is a guest post by Polly Godwin
Polly Godwin is the owner of, a company specializing in indoor wall fountains as well as home and business décor.


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    I didn’t realize that an indoor water fountain also doubles as a humidifier! That is really great, because the air where I live is really dry all year round. I’ve been misting my plants to try and keep them healthy, but it evaporates too quickly! I will try getting a fountain to put by them. Hopefully that works.

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