How Hollywood Is Helping Men Get Dates Online

Have you ever done any acting?  Been in a movie? Commercial?
A few years ago (during my Los Angeles years) I did a little acting.  Nothing major.  Mostly stuff as an “extra”. But man I had the time of my life!
It was exteremly fun! They pay is ok but the FOOD IS AMAZING!  If you happen to get on a good set that is.
Anyway, the point is, I didn’t realize how much that little stent could help when getting into online dating.
According to Damona Hoffman (a hollywood casting director) this is what lead to her new book “Spin Your Web – 

How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating”

“When I started to apply those same technique that I used with my actors to my online dating experience, I realized that it worked,” she recalls, “and it was all about how I presented myself through my photos, through what I said.  And I really thought of it almost from a branding perspective.”

Hollywood Casting Expert Brings Her Expertise to Online Dating – KYW Newsradio

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