How To Commit Suicide Easy and Painlessly

How to commit suicide easy and painlessly? This is something that is on a rather large amount of people’s minds these days.
According to Google there are over 301,000 variations of that word being searched for every single month.
how to commit suicide easy and painlessly
When I first saw that number my stomach sank!
I know, you say there are over 7 billion people in the world right now  and over 100,000 births every single day so we are winning the battle, right?
Does anyone else think there is something wrong with this fact?
Something has got to change and I mean FAST!
I did another search on Yahoo Answers for the words “Kill Myself” and just within the last 7 days there has been over 900 related questions asked!
how to kill myself statistics
I am not sure what we can start to do to effectively change the overall morale of the average person but we just MUST do something about this.
Is life really that bad?
Can our outlook into our futures  be that bad that death seems more enticing than waking up to another day?
I would love to know your thoughts.
Anyone who has every asked the question of how to kill yourself please share with me what got you to that point and where you are right now in your life.
Maybe your insights may just save another’s life

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  1. Shankhadip says

    Life sucks,and people always judge you,there are lot of events in your life beyond your control,life isn’t the same for all of us and not everyone is lucky.I got ditched by my ex and judged by a lot of people,people think I am some loose charactered psycho if only they knew my story..

    • says

      Yeah I have to agree with you. Life can take some unfortunate turns. I personally have lost EVERYTHING! House, car, job, girl, my business, even my dogs. I would not wish for ANYONE to have to go through what I went through. So I know exactly how you must feel. But there is a bright day ahead for you my friend. That I can promise you.
      Add me on skype and we can continue this. I will gladly share my full story with you.

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