How To Pick Up A Summer Fling

Happy Young Adult Couples in love ..... for the night

Happy Young Adult Couples in love ….. for the night

It’s summer time and that means it’s time to go out and find yourself a sexy summer fling. Because while hanging by the pool and kicking it on a boat is fun, it’s far better when you have some fleeting, steamy arm candy to bring along with you.
There’s something about the heat of summer that seems to make picking up men that much easier. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re half naked? Maybe the temperature increase puts us all a little but more in the mood? Whatever it is, use this time of year to it’s advantage and go and bag you a new fling.
A little sure of how to do so? No worries. I gotchu covered. Use some of these tips and you’ll be bringing home the goods in no time.
Go it alone:
First and foremost, hit high traffic areas alone. This could be a bar, the beach, a mall, or coffee shop. Men are far more likely to approach you if you are alone. So in this case, you don’t even have to do anything. Just head out alone, set up shop and look approachable–meaning ditch the headphones and phone.
Five Second Flirt:
My idol, Patty Stanger, has forever preached the five second flirt. This is when you spot an attractive man, you smile and hold your stare for five seconds and then look away. It’s just long enough that the man will know you’re interested, but short enough that it’s not creepy. Another scenario that requires very little work on your part.
Buy him a drink:
At this point, men are used to having to buy drinks for women. Surprise one and offer to buy him a drink. Find a guy you think is attractive at the bar, walk up, introduce yourself and comment that his drink is low. Then offer to buy him one. He’s likely to be caught off guard and pleasantly surprised. Only buy him one though. You don’t want him to think you’re a sugar mama and you don’t want to have to wonder if he’s only hanging around for the free drinks.
Be honest:
Sometimes honesty really is the best policy. If you spot an attractive man, go up and let him know that you think so. Even something as simple as, “I just want you to know that you are a very handsome man.” At this point, you can pull the “hit and run,” where you drop a line like that and then walk away. If he’s interested, he’ll come after you. Or hang around, introduce yourself and see where the conversation goes. At the very least, you will have made his day.
Ask a question:
If you’re out with a girlfriend, find a pack of guys and let them know that you and your friend are having a debate and you would like them to settle it. This can be fun if you make the question very gender driven, like “should a woman take a man’s last name when they get married” or “who do you think cheats more, men or women?” This will allow you to break the ice with a group of guys and get them all talking.
Now, whatever you do…
–Don’t be overly aggressive. Walk away if the guy isn’t feeling it.
–Don’t take it personally when you get rejected. Just think about all of the times you rejected men!
–Don’t wear your sexuality on your sleeve. You don’t want a man to think that you just give it up to anyone who’s here in the bar. Granted, this will get you a one night stand, but nothing more.
–Don’t over do it on the make up or the outfit. The heat of summer is likely to make your make up run and your outfit stick to you. Opt for effortlessly sexy. Go for a simple T and fitted shorts with fresh makeup.

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