Hurricane Arthur Hitting us :( (video)

So I am a little bit freaked out!
There is a whole slough words I have learned today!
Words I don’t think I every hear ONCE growing up in California.
And I have to say … I am not a fan
Words like:
– Evacuation route
– Category 2
– Shelter plan
– Tropical Storm
– Tornado Watch
– stormtracker app
None of this has ever applied to me.
So I feel a bit out of my element today.
Don’t know whether we need to get in the car
and head for the hills… or just wait it out?
Luckily, our neighborhood is a fairly new subdivision.
Meaning, the trees are still a bit young and all of the
utilities are underground.
So no fear of poles or trees crashing through the house!
But after watching the movie twister with Helen Hunt and
Bill Paxton, I know that if I see a cow flying by the window…
It’s probably time to pack a bag and go for a drive.
So for now I will keep an eye out the window for floating hambugers.
Video here of when it first started from my porch

So before my power goes out…
Before I lose internet…
Before I am stuck eating canned Filet Mignon via candlelight…
Let me at least give you a “KISS”
Click here to get a special kiss from me
P. James “feeling fearful and frisky” Holland
Coach Comeback

ps. by this time tomorrow that “Kiss” will be all over the web
and you may be kicking yourself that you didn’t get it sooner.
Just saying =-)

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