I am NOT a Sellout!

I try hard everyday just like you.
I give my all to every situation
And yet… sometimes.. I do the unthinkable
I do NOT Sell out!
Before the holidays I conducted a new class.
It was a unique way to pursuade (sell) anything to anyone in any situation…
Yeah.. it can work for just about any situation where you need to be more effective in your “convincing”.
Need to get the kids to eat their split pea soup? Take this class
Would like to have more clients/leads into your pipeline? Take this class
Want to effective get your husband to sit through the new hit movie musical “La La Land”…. ummm… buy him a beer and promise him he can throw a superbowl party at your house in a few weeks…
oh and also... take this class!
But it gets even sweeter…
I actually tried to giveaway 250 copies.
I guess everyone was busy with sugarplums dancing in their heads…
Anyway, I had taken the offer away and then raised the price. So now it has been for sale.
But since I never actually sold out of my free copies…
I am putting the remaining ones back up for grabs!
So… go here now and get the class for free
And even if you don’t, it will still be worth the low low price if you miss your chance for a free one…
P. James “still tis the season” Holland
Coach Comeback

The Perfect Pitch

ps. Still reading?!?!?!?! Didn’t I just say there are limited free copies? Go register now while you can still snag it for nothing, THEN come back to see my inspiration, often humorous image trademark ending to my emails
= =

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