I Hate Getting Sick…

This might be a sign. Of what? I am not sure yet.
These past few days I have not been feeling well. May seem like no big deal.
But here is the thing..I NEVER GET SICK!
I mean… I guess I cannot honestly say “never”… but it is not very often at all. Like once every 3 years or something. Maybe I am just due? But I don’t believe in that. It is not like a full blown cold or anything.
That I can handle!
This is something new. Like my body is just… “off”. Weird side pain. Exhausted and a bit of nausea randomly. A few more random symptoms… But I am an optimist. So please don’t reply with a diagnosis because all that will do is freak me out.
Call me naive or extreme Pollyanna (like my dad so loving refers to me) but I believe in positive energy and all that jazz and the power of our minds and other craziness like Mike Dooley’s “Thoughts Become Things” (one of my favorite books) and other things that further confirms my family’s suspicion that I am certified crazy! I’m ok with that 🙂
So while I am trying to relax these past few days and get my “center” back… I found myself maybe agreeing with them a little while watching myself dance in this video?
It was me playing with my new animation software (yep, may be some coach comeback cartoon trainings in your future. LUCKY!) and I was able to make me dance!
And I gotta say… I got some MOVES!
But that lead to me walking you though my top 5 simple skills I attribute my success to.
The cool thing is, you already have all 5 of these. Just possibly not aware of it. Nothing fancy at all.
Go here to be entertained AND educated on the side… if that’s your thing.
Send me some virtual chicken soup while you are at it if you don’t mind.
I will be back in full swing in no time.
P. James “Stargazer” Holland
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