I Haven't Done This in Over a Year

I may make a few people mad with this one!
During this short audio today I called a few people out… you know who you are!
Sometimes I get a bit emotional about things like this.
I don’t do it often… but when I do… you damn well better believe I have a good reason!
And this one touched me… and I hope it touches you too! Just might mean the difference you have been looking for.
My guess, it is probably the ONLY reason you open my emails in the first place.
Yeah… it’s THAT…
Listen to the audio below:

P.S. – If you don’t have the time or patience to listen to the audio (which you really should):

1. you just might be one of the people I called out in the audio clip… if that ‘s the case, you have my apologies lol

2. you can find out what has me so emotional by clicking directly here.
P. James “touched for the very first time” Holland
Coach Comeback

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