I Nearly Crapped My Shorts When I Saw This

Here’s what’s really weird about making money online…
While I was getting ready to write this email to let you know about my astonishing new, A-to-Z training (more below), I decided to check out the tuition for a few American colleges.
When I was done changing my underwear over what I found, it got me thinking….
…Because the current mindset about education and money is TOTALLY INSANE.
For instance:

  • A 3-credit foreign language course at Yale is a hefty $6,900. Or if you prefer, an obscene $234,400 for a 4-year program.
  • At Central Michigan, Enterprise Resource Planning courses (whatever that is) in the MBA program are $1000 for one credit hour.
  • >> Luckily, it’s almost FREE at USC… just $21,000 for 15 credits.
  • And a measly $93,866 will cover all expenses for ONE year at Stanford.

So let me ask you… how much ROI (return on investment) do you get on a foreign language class for $6,900?
That’s right… a big fat ZERO!
Don’t misunderstand me here, education is wonderful for expanding your worldview and changing limited mindsets.
No one would argue with that.
But seriously? Does it have to run you $200,000!?
And frankly, the money is one thing, but it’s not the real issue.
We’re selling our souls for an education we believe will somehow save the day.
How’s that working out for most of us?
Let’s ask another fellow member who just finished his MBA.
He would have already watched my life-saving workshop training, but couldn’t switch his shift at the car-rental place where he’s working.
The sadder truth is, he actually works harder than a lot of us.
He just made a big-hearted investment in the wrong kind of schooling… it’s exactly what I thought you had to do when I was broke and struggling.
Unfortunately, that’s the educational system for you—we’re all fed the same lies.
And until recent years, there was nowhere else to turn.
Now that’s all changed.
Because right now, you’re invited to the most expensive training in history 🙂
You’ll get behind-the-scenes details when you watch it.
But here’s a hint.
It’s “the most expensive,” because if you don’t go watch it immediately …

  • You WON’T get the 5 KEY INGREDIENTS of the PERFECT online business…
  • You WON’T have FREE access to the same $197 training I have taught to private clients…
  • You WON’T get his immediately-downloadable, “Soul-Revealing Hotsheet Questionaire”…
  • You WON’T have a clue about the 4 Quadrants of Desire, which have led to every single sale in history…
  • You WON’T get the opportunity to work with me side by side on your next project

In other words, missing out will be horrendously expensive.
Catastrophe even (in your best Snagglepuss voice)
But I know you won’t risk it.
Because you’ve just GOT TO see the easy-money craziness I have waiting for you at this link.
Why not laugh at college tuitions?
Why not “steal” 100 times the information… that’ll blast you past those poor devils (buried in debt) with the MBA’s… for FREE?
Why not make money with simpler, faster, easily-affordable, proven SYSTEMS that have already produced countless success stories?
And by the way, you can put away your wallet.
NOTHING WILL BE SOLD at this training.
So get it in gear, and listen to the dancing cartoon james when you go here.
P. James “wiggle wiggle wiggle” Holland
Coach Comeback

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