My Last Night In New York – A New Journey Begins… AGAIN

Packing up to move

Getting All Your Possessions down to 2 bags aint easy

Yup, that is right…
After exactly 6 months on the dot we are now leaving New York.
Which is funny because we (CC, James & Milo) have this running joke that it seems we have not lived in one place longer than 6 months in the last 5 years… and here we go again… staying true to the record.
I say it’s funny because it never usually seems “planned”. This is how we plan:
There was a pretty huge problem/concern that arose last Wednesday (family crisis, drama… you know the drill) we joked about the idea of leaving here on thursday, made the decision and plan on friday, sold our car and most of our possessions on Saturday, put the remaining stuff on craigslist for free on Sunday (probably the highlight watching people faces light up as we give them dishes, stereo, coffee maker, clothes, blankets, furniture, futon, tables, chairs, makeup and nail polishes (not mine), jewelry and even my other computer … you name it.. we gave it away on Sunday. Booked flights and packed up our clothes on Monday.
And here I am on tuesday morning. With a laundry list of things to do before our flight leaves …. TOMORROW!
So from IDEA to implementation to goal… One week!
Is this a bit insane from an outsiders view?
I am sure
Is it stressful and nerve racking?
You bet!
Will I likely do it again?
Count on it.
Do I think anyone can accomplish this in that amount of time?
Do I think EVERYONE should do this at some point in their lives?
Am I have a full blown Q & A with myself?
Seems like it
Is this annoying?
Should I stop?
So where are we headed?
(ha snuck one last one in)
Back “home” to California. I put home in quotes because in the short time we spent in North Carolina (9 months… but 6 months exactly at one place and 3 at another. HA!) I felt like I was home. There will always be a warm spot in my heart that longs for North Carolina. I absolutely LOVED it there!
The people are nice. The food is good. The water is warm. The bugs are plenty…. what’s not to love?
But Sacramento, CA is where I was born and raised. That is where most all of my family is. That is where I will be getting some of my dad’s slow smoked bbq tri-tip and embarrassing him Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course off of the Sacramento River on Freeport BLVD! His Favorite course in town.
He was so excited when I told him we were coming back he was already planning all the things we would do … even though he is driving to Santa Cruz with my lovely mom for their 35th wedding anniversary as we speak.


So the challenge at hand…. getting all of your belongings and possessions down to 2 bags.
Do you think you could do it?
Have you ever done anything similar before?
Have you ever just done anything that seemed absolutely spontaneous and crazy in such a short time? If so, did it turn out how you expected? Would you do it again?
Because I feel so strongly about the impact something like this has on your life, I am going to hold a contest.
Reply in the comments and share your best story of doing the impossible.
How you challenged yourself against unbeatable odds and how that effected your life.
Best story will get free access to S.E.X.Y Product Creation, a product I created to teach ANYONE how to create their own ebook, video course, or training program in as little as 3 days that they could market and sell online to replace their current income. If you are doing anything online and you are not creating and selling your own expertise, this is essential!
It is currently selling for $37, which is a total steal because you will likely make 10x’s that the very first month after you complete the program.
So seeing how I am literally packing up the last of everything and about to go turn in the internet box and have the power shut off here to close the final chapter of our New York stay, I will probably not be back online until I can find somewhere to get settled in and setup shop in Sacramento.
So the contest will end at any time randomly. Just as soon as I can get back to work. Probably this following Sunday or Monday June 3rd.
At that time I will also be raising the price from the introductory $37 launch special to probably somewhere around $97. So even if you purchase now to lock in the low price, and you win the Impossible Challenge contest, I will just refund your purchase. So everybody wins!
Good luck.
Next time you hear from me I will probably be stuffed, sunburned and jetlagged!


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    James – You ARE crazy… but in a good way. I love that you are willing to shake off the dust and adjust when needed. Just like in business. You are a living example of how business should run.
    My story of doing the impossible? I was 27 years old and finally had it with my moron of a husband who wasn’t coming home, putting our finances up his nose and verbally abusive. I had two small children, no recent employment history, a high school diploma and no way to support myself. What did I do? In a nutshell – I kicked some ass. I took a voc. tech. course, got a job, paid my bills, supported my children and then went on to college. Graduated, promoted and made good money. Then I quit and I now follow MY dreams not the life I was forced to live. My story… like yours…. is it’s not impossible. Now I realize that it’s not impossible to pursue my passions and earn income ta boot.

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