Its a Beautiful Day… Go outside! Chances of feeling Awesome – 97%

Its a Beautiful Day… Go outside! Chances of feeling Awesome – 97%

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Beautiful outside..Great day to get a nice tan.. I’m trying to get to @RobertMathis98 skin tone, so I’m lathering myself w/ butter #BakingPat McAfee
It’s so nice outside<3 just relaxin with baby !(: Jautaikis
Pretty nice wheater outside ‘ I’m enjoying it" ;)Carlo
it feels so nice outside.chink.
The days are getting longer.
The kids are out of school.
The weather is amazing…
And yet, you are still in the house!
What is your problem?
I know I know.  Your super busy and there is hardly anytime to just hang out and take it all in.
Well if you knew what I know you would make catching some rays the most important part of your day…

Such a beautiful day >>الشيلة ماري
Sun is the bodies primary source for production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for many crucial functions in the body including proper bone health, cognition and mood.  When the sun hits your skin, vitamin D creation is started. A complex process where several parts of the body are needed to ultimately produce useable vitamin D including your kidneys and skin.  Vitamin D helps elevate your mood, both if you are severely depressed or mildly depressed. The effects have been comparable to anti-depressant drugs in the few studies that have been conducted.  This benefit of the sun for depression is probably the most underutilized “anti-depressant” in practice today-it is free, easy and EFFECTIVE!
The sun benefits us in a number of ways. The sun delivers heat, raising core body temperature. Higher core body temperatures facilitate increased cell function and higher energy. This increases our detoxification and purification systems. Sun also regulates our natural biorhythm cycles. Boosted core temperatures increase cortisol levels during the day, ushering more relaxation and deeper sleep during the night.
Your mental state can also be influenced by sun exposure. Sensible amounts of sunlight can help you improve your mental health and contribute to your feelings of emotional well being.Reduce stress: You can reduce your stress level with the help of proper exposure to sunlight. Taking some time to enjoy the sun can help you sleep better as you decrease your stress level.Reduce anxiety: If you are feeling anxious, sensible sun exposure on a regular basis can help soothe you. Sunlight is one of the natural remedies to anxiety.Fight depression: There is evidence that sunlight is a natural way to improve your mood. If you suffer from depression, adding a little moderate sun exposure might help you combat the symptoms.Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): If you suffer from SAD during the winter, you can combat the feelings with the help of natural light. Look for ways to introduce more sunlight into your environment, with the help of open windows. You can also use sun lamps that mimic the sun’s healthful rays.Better relationships: More sunlight can help your relationships because it offers a mood enhancement. Not only that, but you can knit closer family relationships by using good weather and fun in the sun as an excuse for inexpensive, quality family activities.
How do you do it?

Make it fun.  Find simple ways to make it fun.
You can try working outside.  Take your laptop out to the back porch for 15 minutes or so while you check your email.
Take Care. Cliff Edges Can Be Dangerous (especially when viewed through a Fisheye Lenss0ulsurfing
Get Outside for Breaks, Phone Calls, and LunchesFull sizeYou probably don’t have meetings that will work outside every day and you likely can’t convince your boss to let you sit underneath a big tree in the park five days a week. So what about the rest of your days? Your best bet is to keep it simple and leave the office every chance you get.Instead of sticking around the office and waiting for phone calls try and take those calls outside. This is especially good for conference calls where a little peace and quiet is better than sitting in front of your computer. It’s really that simple. Other options might be to take your lunch outside to a park or at least eat out on a patio if you’re at a restaurant.
We’re lucky here in B.C. to have so many opportunities to get out into nature. And for those of us living in more urban areas who may not be so lucky to be close to mountains, lakes, and forests, not to worry! Researchers have shown that nature can be found anywhere – a nearby park by your house, a patch of trees outside your work or school – and even the smallest exposure to nature has been found to be beneficial.  If you’re stuck inside and just don’t have the time to get out – or if the rainy weather puts a damper on your motivation to get outside – there are still some things you can do. For example, in addition to actually being in nature, studies show that viewing images of nature also helps to relieve stress and improve well-being. So whether it involves getting out to a lake or mountain, visiting a nearby park or patch of trees, or even downloading a nature-inspired screen saver, getting a regular dose of nature will positively impact your health and wellbeing. 

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