What you did wrong is none of YOUR business


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

Let go of the past!Pulling out hair in anger
It happened!
Let it go!
We have all done things that we probably wish we didn’t.
There are times when I want to smack myself the very second after I have blurted something out before my mind actually caught up to what I was saying.
But there is nothing you can do about it!
Every single time you find yourself using the word “should” you will find that your inner dialogue is basically making you feel worse through blame.
When you say you SHOULD HAVE done something, that translates to saying that what you actually did was wrong… so you start to feel bad.
Then, you realize it is in the past so you cannot correct what you have done so you feel even worse!
The only power you truly have is in the present moment.
This moment is the only moment you can control.  Why not use that power by keeping all of your focus on being present

The Power Of Being Fully Present In The Moment

Power of the Present: We all suffer personal losses and struggle at times to heal. Most of the humanity is in constant pain and grief. You can heal yourself by living in the present.
In the present moment, there is no hurt or pain, as ego digs into the past memories to bring suffering into the present. We are pure joy. In the present moment, there is no anxiety or stress as there is no anticipation or expectation of future. In the present moment, our actions and thoughts come from our highest self, which is divine. Miracles happen in present as the divine works through us. Being in the present moment is a practice and it requires discipline.
Make this practice your daily mantra to heal and discover your divinity for a blissful life.
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When you stop focusing on the present and continue to dwell on the past you might even begin to feel lonely.  Like you are facing all your troubles by yourself.
Think about it….
No one can travel back to the past in your head with you.  So you end up not even noticing who may be sitting right in front of you to give you a hand.
When there is something “back there” that you just cant help but to think about try these few tricks to help get you back centered.

Steps for bringing your focus back to the present

  • Get Wet:  Water has Getting wet to focus on the presentmysterious powers. Something about it always has a way of instantly bringing you into a place of peace.  Take a shower. Run a bath.  Jump in a pool… If all else fails, drink a giant glass of ice cold water.
  • Make Some Noise: This may go against the more appropriate opposite of meditation, but I find when I really have something heavy on my mind it seems like the quieter it gets on the outside, the louder that negative voice gets on the inside. BANG A DRUM. Break a dish (not your own, preferable) Crank up your favorite song and belt along with it.
  • Get Primitive:  Write!  You would be surprised at how much focus it takes to actually put pencil to paper and journal out some of those profound thoughts you writing with pen on paperhave.  Not texting. No typing.  Actual paper and pencil!

One of these methods may work great.  Maybe you have some of your own ways of keeping your mind in the present moment.
Just know that you are at your most powerful right now.  Only right now.
This moment is fresh and brand new.  Will you spend it creating a beautiful lasting memory, or let it be dashed away by yesterday’s debris?

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