Want To Become More Popular? Only Date Ugly Girls – The Kardashian-West Effect

why you should only date ugly girls - Kim Kardashian

Would it be better if Kanye was fat? If you want to attract more women, better only date ugly girls

They just announced Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going to give birth to a baby girl!
Congrats to the lucky couple.
But that’s not what I want to talk about today!
I want to  talk about is the fact that whilst searching or browsing through the net I found on a site called the Hindustan Times.  ..
Yes, the Hindustan Times I can’t make that up . .
There was a report that showed that since getting with Kim Kardashian Kanye West’s popularity has dropped!

Why Guys Should Only Date Ugly Girls

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So there’s two different schools of thought here . .  which I think it’s hilarious.
Have you ever heard the story of guys who want to pick up girls and that by hanging out with someone who’s less attractive than you… other girl, seeing that . . . for some weird reason, it makes them more attracted to you?
Rather than being at the bar  alone where you give off the “desperate” vibes.
It’s been proven over and over again if you are there with a less attractive girl, whether together or not, just having them around you, you’re more likely to attract another gill to you.
But not everyone agrees

by @andycarmineWould you date an ugly girl? HAHAHAHAHA! I don’t date with something that doesn’t exist.http://twitter.com/#!/andycarmine

by @_SupremeAdrian
It may sounds low, but I would never date an ugly girl.. Never

But what about the opposite effect of having a girl who’s far more attracted to you?
Does that actually repel women, and turn them off?
I mean, I could clearly see, ever since getting with my beautiful girl, that my popularity has clearly tanked! So I could see that when your partner clearly outshines you it may have the opposite effect.
So tell me what you think . . . is it better to get the perfect ten or if you are out there trying to pick up more women and want to get more dates will you have a better chance trying to find someone average or less attractive woman than you to hang out with?
Let me know you think because I think this is hilarious!
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