My Pizza Guy Is An Asshole!

I know it!
You know it!
But nobody has enough nads to say anything about it. 
He’s sleazy, pushy, aggressive, and just downright scum. Just like all “salesmen” right?
That is why no one ever wants to be known as a salesman… Because of guys like the pizza man!

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar…

Pizza Pusher:Would you like to add a soup or salad to that order?
Me:umm no
Pizza Pusher:Would you like to add buffalo wings, they are on special?
Me:Ok, sure
Pizza Pusher:Probably going to need drinks to wash it down, can I add a couple 2 Liters to the order?
Me: *sigh* Ok
Pizza Pusher:We also have garlic bread just fresh out of the oven.
Me: Well you GOTTA have garlic bread… if it’s fresh right? Sure, add a few.
Pizza Pusher:You know, for just $3 more you can make it an extra large and get 33% more pizza.
Me:Well that sounds reasonable. I’d be LOSING money if I didn’t
Pizza Pusher:Great. Would you also like to make it a double meat for just $4 more?
Me:I’m too committed now…Why not?
Pizza Pusher:Fantastic. Would you also like to sign up for direct deposit of all your future checks on payday?
Me:Sounds good.
If you ask me, he is one sleazy bastard. I just went in there to play Terminator 2 Pinball machine and I end up signing up for their 401k Dough for Dough benefits package!
And yet, when it comes to me offering one of my many products or services to business professionals… there is immediate resistance.

Because no one wants to be known as a “salesman” but want to sell their stuff

Sounds kind of crazy! We want what we want but don’t want what is required to obtain the wanting stuffs.
See if this scenario also hits home a bit:
Me: Hey I have this really great product or service.
Me: Well.. it’s not that great. I mean, it’s ok.
Also Me: You might like it, you might not. Either is ok.
Still Me:I would like you to buy it. But is ok if you don’t.
Forever Me:Am I being to pushy?
Sadly… still Me: You know what… never mind. You probably don’t need it. Forget I said anything. Please like me.
It’s just absurd.
On the other hand, the pizza guy has no problem being a sleazy salesman…
So why doesn’t the pompous pizza pusher feel bad about making known everything he has to offer you at every chance he gets?
Why do you?
i'm not crazy

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