Quote of the Day – Success

Inspirational quote about success picture

“Man’s best successes come AFTER their disappointments.” ~Henry Ward Beecher


Cheer up!  Knowing this is the easiest ways to become an instant optimist!
Edison failed over 3000  times trying to created the lightbulb.
Chicken Soup for the soul author, Jack Canfield was turned down by 144 publishers before he got his book deal.  That is 144 people who read the book and thought “naaaah, this will never sell”,  and pass the book off!  144!!!!
The point is….
Nothing great was every achieved the very first time it was attempted…. or the second…. or the 15th.
The good news is, this temporary disappointment…(and it IS temporary) will lead the way to your victory.  It helped you identify something else you DON’T want, automatically drawing you one step closer to what you DO want!
Baby Steps!!!

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