Robber Crabs That Steal your Booty

What fascinating little creatures. Now I know where my shades are that I lost on my honeymoon.“With a weight of up to 9lbs and a leg span of 3 feet Coconut crabs are the largest terrestrial crabs in the world. ”
They are also called robber crabs after their habit of “stealing” and dragging novel items into their lairs.
All items in this image were found in the vicinity of this crab’s burrow including a shower head, flip flops and a goat skull.
Did you catch that video of a knife-brandishing crab making internet rounds this week? Coconut crabs are not what you might imagine when you think of a crustacean. They are also known as robber crabs or palm thieves, and for being land-living arthropods, their exoskeletons are huge and their claws are strong.


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