San Francisco Become Gotham City For Cancer Kid's Wish – Heartstrings PULLED! Francisco is now Gotham City?

It was for this young boy in the most heartwarming display I have ever seen!
More than 12,000 supporters joined in to help Make a Wish Foundation grant 5 year old Miles Scott’s wish!
He spent the day chasing villains, meeting the mayor and police chief and even got a key to Gotham (San Francisco) City!
You can see the video footage and the news report play by play here:
I don’t think I have seen anything this touching in a very VERY long time.
The way people just come together when there is a worth cause.  People really just need a reason to show how loving they really can be.  This story just proves that.
So knowing sometimes you need a little bit of motivation to get you going I decided to add a leaderboard to the FREE KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY CONTEST I am doing.
You can see it when you scroll down.
Let me fill you in on the current standings of the top 5:
1. Is Connie M. with 764 entries so far!  WAY TO GO CONNIE!!!
2. Omar R. is right behind her with 750.  Don’t get to comfortable Connie lol
3. Is your truly  =-)  But I obviously can’t win my own contest…. dang politics!
4. Rahel D. with 657.  But one extra referral and you could be in first Rahel!
5. Kelly S. with 562.  And she just got in today!  Kickin butt I’d say!
Still plenty of time to get in before the live drawing on Thursday and there are plenty of fun ways to earn more entries.
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P. James “Wish I had tights like Robin” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. I am thinking about raising the amount of entries given for youtube videos to like 1000. hmmmmm maybe
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