The Countdown Begins…

Today is October 1st!
That means… this is the final (full) month we will be living in beautiful North Carolina.
We decided at the end of the month (after Halloween of course. Not missing out on another opportunity to get crazy and have a good time with friends) we would be making that 3000 mile drive to Lake Tahoe, NV.
Preparations have started. The selling of home goods have commenced. Friends are getting free things like, sofa’s, beach chairs, boogie boards, kitchen tables, dishes… you name it.
We travel light! Such a freeing feeling those many many years ago when we lost everything. What seemed like the worst moment of our lives turned out to be the most liberating thing that could have ever happened to us.
No longer attached to the.. “stuff”. Realize that garage full of things that just took up space…. a few months later and we could not even remember what stuff we were missing.
This is the short SHORT version of how the name “Coach Comeback” was created in teh first place – losing everything (several times) and making a comeback to greater than it was before when I “had it all”.
Life is funny that way. Just a simple change in perspective and we now embrace all ups… all downs.
Just life…Just live!
Hope you are starting this final quarter with a new sense of accomplishment. Think about all you had to overcome to get to where you are right now!
WOW! Enjoy your night
P. James “reflecting” Holland
Coach Comeback
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