The Drama never ends… Now What?!?!!?

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Doncha just LOVE unexpected news?
Well I just got a doozy!
The news itself isn’t what bothers me the most…
It’s the fact that I was the LAST one to find out!
I HATE not being in the loop. Takes me back to high school… like.. not being able to sit at the “cool” table again… =-(
I JUST now found out that my oldest brother proposed to his girlfriend (of 14 years…. yeah…. that is a whole other story by itself) right after the ball drop on New Year’s day on the Las Vegas strip!
Yeah… like 2 weeks ago!
The worst part is.. my dad said he knew in like November! And he is the absolute WORST at keeping secrets!
I can think of several dozen times I THOUGHT something was just between “us” and come to find out later I might as well have sent a text message to Diane Sawyer during sweeps week! (yup… showing my age again)
Don’t get me wrong.. I am EXTREMELY happy for him.. I’m just thinking… “was it STILL a secret these last few weeks too?!?!?!”
Well.. only when I’m not a part of them =-)
Which is why I am sharing my own secret with you…
And I need you to promise not to tell anyone… until it is like 2 weeks late too!
That will teach them!
I just made a new “secret” video where I spill the beans of how I made over $XXX22 in less than 3 months (not telling you where the decimal goes either. All of that is show.. WITH PICTURES.. in the video) all starting from scratch!
Yep, you are the only one who is seeing this video. This is NOT public. I only wanted to share these secrets with you for being a member and sticking it out with me so long.
If the video gets leaked… I will have to bring it down, so go check it out now and learn how you can do exactly what I did.. probably in even LESS time now that I have refined the system
Looking back at it.. I am pretty shocked at how simple it really is.
Listen for when I give the “3 tips” outline of the process. Number 3 is an ultimate MUST! Skip that and you might as well just stick with Amway or something (yes, I did that too)
Excited to hear what you think!
If you want me to explain anything further (I move kind of fast through the steps in the video) just reply to his email and we can chat
Click here now before it comes down
P. James “Getting the new sister I … never wanted” Holland
Coach Comeback
ps. This means I have an excuse to go to Los Angeles this summer (where my brother lives). If you live near there I would LOVE to meet up!

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