There Is A Fine Line Between Seduction And Assualt

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No Means No! But nothing say no better than a swift punch in the throat! Think about it.

So apparently there is a new “Seduction Guide” out there that was being funded as a KickStarter project that is causing quit the stir.
It is geared towards teaching men how to be more… ALPHA… by way of force on women.  Not exactly “HOT”!

After a slew of online outrage, Kickstarter has finally come to its senses and deleted the offensive/dangerous sexual assault guide that was oddly disguised as a “seduction manual.” Created by a Reddiotor by the name of Ken Hoinsky, the campaign was raising money for a book called Above the Game that advised men to ignore the concept of consent when interacting with women by giving rapey advice like: “Don’t ask for permission. Be dominant. Force her to rebuff your advances.” In a blog post, Kickstarter apologizes for taking too long to cancel the project and made a promise to never let this happen again.

via Kickstarter Takes Down Super Creepy Seduction Guide, Donates $25,000 to Anti-Violence Fund.
Hope someone is in the process of tracking this guy down and some extremely large, built men use his techniques on him.  That would be poetic justice.
What do you think?

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